Making Time!

Making Time!

Oh how I wish I could ‘Make Time’ – if only it were as simple as that. I can make dinner, I can make a mess, I can make craft stuff…..why can’t I make time!!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if making time was as simple as say, making something out of playdoh? Practically speaking, if we could actually make time, I reckon this would be how it could be done. You’d have to grab a moment, and squeeze and shape it into whatever time is appropriate – enough time for say a couple of hours more sleep. Maybe you could roll the moment up into a ball and throw it in the air, while it’s airborne it would make just enough time to drink a morning cup of tea before the school run, so it’s not left cold and half drunk on the side. It would be a simple act of playing with and moulding time to make life easier and better. This would be the perfect solution. In theory, it seems almost possible – in reality this is sadly impossible. I can’t seem to make the time I should.

Yesterday Sausage was home from nursery as he usually is on a Monday. I had housework to do, beds to make, floors to hoover, my ASBO kitchen to clean – and Sausage ended up sat in front of the TV, staring slack jawed but contentedly at Pingu on the TV. I swear one day he’ll give up speech and substitute it with ‘Nook Nook!’

I felt so guilty, obviously I fed the lad, kept him topped up with drinks, patted him on the head as I passed, gave him toys (which he stared at for a while and then dropped in favour of cartoon penguins), and he did virtually nothing all day. The house looked a little better after I’d run around pointlessly moving things from one place to another, but my son had been abandoned to Pingu on repeat – and I felt awful. I hate housework, I hate the way everything seems to descend into chaos no matter how hard I try – I hate feeling like everything is gradually toppling over. I especially hate how the everyday grind of things means I do not have time for my kids. Hence my wish to make time.

The absolute highlight of yesterday (and I’m not being sarcastic) was when I sat and did a huge dragon jigsaw with Sausage, and when he cornered me on the landing with a pretend cup of coffee in a blue plastic cup with an orange plastic carrot in it. He and I pretended to burp, and spill the carrot coffee and we laughed and smiled at each other. It was lovely. That must have equalled the grand total of 30 minutes at the most.

For the rest of the time, we were simply in the same space, and unless I allow the house to fall in around my ears, this seems to have to be the only way. Which seems wrong. My children will not be little forever, and I’m already looking back on old photos and thinking ‘remember when…..’ and I’m losing time to stupid things. I swear my time is being stolen too. If only I could make some more time, it would all be fine.

Speaking of which, I have a few reviews pending, which will be posted shortly.  I just need to make the time.  I’m working on it. :O)


5 responses to “Making Time!

  1. Don’t worry yourself about him sat in front of the tv for a day. I think it can be more important that you ARE “simply in the same space”. He’ll remember you being there, not what you were actually doing.

  2. It’s hard to make time to craft but I found a perfect solution for me. I’m a paper crafter and I spend one afternoon every few months making kits. I include all I need to make a scrapbooking page or mini book so when the kids are in bed & my hubby is watching tv I can pull out my ready made kit & make. It really works for me. Be prepared! Hope that helps. X

  3. My NCT group leader gave me one useful piece of advice (only the one, mind!)

    When I was moaning about all the perfect parents, in their perfect showhome houses, with their perfectly turned out kiddies, she said to me:

    “would you rather have a tidy house or a happy baby?”

    I suspect I may have taken this advice too far, as nearly 3 years on I’m still clinging to it like it’s gospel, but I’ve come to accept the fact that with kids the house will always be messy. I also believe that some layers of dust and grime help to build up immunity LOL

    Don’t beat yourself up about letting him watch TV, we all do it (very often I suspect) it’s just not many admit it.

    You’re a fantastic mum. x

  4. Fantastic description, that being the stay at home dad I can fully relate to.

  5. This post really resonated with me. I spend hours in the house with my two boys, and yet have very little quality time with them. Now my eldest has started school and that time togehter is dwindling. It’s up to me to do something about it. Great post.


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