7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me! – Meme

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me! – Meme

Missielizzieb from Me and My Shadow tagged me with this particular blog topic, so here I go!  Those of you who have known me for many moons, may already know these things, but I doubt many of my internet mates will.

1)  I can juggle clubs and balls, quite well in fact; I can do doubles, trebles occassionally,  tricks and Mills Mess with both (on a very good day – if you’re a juggler you’ll know what that is)  At one time I used to help run juggling workshops for kids, and I was paid on a few ocassions to juggle at events. One memorable event was at a nightclub, where wrecked people kept trying to hug me and steal my glow in the dark balls.   It was fun, but I had to guard my balls in the end (no sniggering at the back!)  I used to own some fire-balls, but they were very difficult to use and involved gloves and a lot of nerve, so I sold them in the end.  Click here to see a juggler in action, in my hey day (I’m not as good as I was) I could do these tricks and others.

2) About 10 years ago I travelled on my own for about 2 months in Australia and New Zealand.  Not as brave as it sounds.  I arranged to go with my friend, and her boyfriend decided to come along – we fell out and I just decided to go it alone.  Scary as hell at times, but I didn’t give up and go home – and I’m proud of that (polishes halo)

3) I’m a qualified scuba diver to 50 metres (I think it was 50 metres).  I did a course whilst travelling and I have the certificate buried somewhere, never managed to dive since, but absolutely loved it.  It’s like flying underwater.

4)  I can wiggle my ears, it tends to make my glasses wobble too though so I don’t do it very often.

5)  Whilst travelling I also bungee jumped from the Kawaru Bridge in New Zealand – the very first bungee site in the world I believe.  At this point I sigh deeply, and long for faraway places.  So I’ve done one extreme sport thingumajig!   Click here to see the jumping site.

6) I had a successful home birth, and my husband and ginger kitty were present when Sausage came into the world.  Kitty was patrolling up and down the sofa looking puzzled and miaowing occassionally.  I genuinely think he was really worried about me.

7)  I adore decent science fiction (although I hate science fiction films – they often end up ‘horror’ rather than sci-fi), natural history books and travel books.   I’m not a very restful person and spend most of my life pacing, either inwardly or outwardly – but when I actually take time out to sit and dissolve myself into the pages of a book, I actually feel peaceful.  Nothing beats a brew, a quiet corner and a good read.

Right, now, how the heck am I going to find 15 other people who haven’t already been tagged?  To be absolutely honest, I think it’s borderline impossible.  I reckon everyone has already been bagsied.

Tell you what though, I’m sending this onto @DearJanit although Janit may not be interested, I’m sure she has many other important activities to be getting on with, such as catching mice, sleeping, eating and erm….sleeping.  Click here to read this wonderfully illustrated, wittily written blog. One of my favourite finds on Twitter.


8 responses to “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me! – Meme

  1. OMG! You are in fact Wonderwoman! Super Kay!

    I love you even more :0)

    I really didn’t know most of those things about you, and I am VERY surprised by some of them! x

  2. I could do a ‘7 things you don’t want to know about me,’ which would probably be funnier and would’t put me in such a positive light at all, but I’ll leave that for another day. That particular post would put me down as ‘Lazy-ass @oman’ or ‘Must-Do-Better Woman!’ You know what, I might just do that in a coupla blogs time…

    Thanks for commenting Liz. :O)

  3. woweeee!!! Gobsmacked!

    Most of all I am insanely jealous of your home birth, amazing. Congratulations.

    I can’t juggle, at all. This doesn’t surprise me. I can see you in the circus, walking tightropes and everything! lol That’s a compliment by the way!

    Wow Australia!! Go you! I’d love to go, and NZ.

    Scuba diving….wow. Another ting you son’t know about me. I can’t swim. Absolutely terrified. I am in awe.

    wow wow wow…amazing ( have I said that?!)

  4. ting? I’m going all ghetto on us! lol

  5. ‘Ting!’ (genuine LOL!) Nope, can’t tightrope or tame lions I’m afraid. Just chucking stuff about a bit :O) I’m also the most impractical person I think I’ve ever met, I’m incredibly (legendarily) forgetful, stupidly untidy, easily angered, opinionated and an absolute cow first thing in the morning. So it’s not all roses! I can’t possibly take your compliments on board without pointing these things out. Everyone has wow aspects of their life, these are just a few things I’m proud of having achieved and done. There’s many more I’m less happy to shout about, ;O) Thank you though! xxxx

  6. Don’t believe that for a second. I’m exactly all those things you describe. I believe it’s called ‘human being’. Take a compliment hun, it definitely well deserved.

  7. *shuffle and stares at feet a bit* (squeaks ‘thank you’) xxx :O)

  8. Wow! You are one talented lady. I’m very jealous of your juggling abilites….I can’t even do the one on my wii fit! lol.
    Great post.x

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