Candis Comp – A Lino Omelette & a Cup of Wee

Candis Comp  – A Lino Omelette & a Cup of Wee

This is the blog I’ve decided to submit.  I’ve trimmed it down a bit and have my fingers crossed.  It’s a great shame they don’t allow me to submit photos too, but hey ho!  I think they’ll get the picture anyway, at least I hope they will.  I mainly decided on this one because it was already a short blog (this comp entry stipulates 200 words), and because there really is a cook book called ‘An Omelette and a Glass of Wine’ by someone called Elizabeth David (as @compergrapevine rightly commented) – so it may make them chuckle from the start if they know the book. I’m not convinced at its brilliance, or my chances, but then I never am.  I’ve just done my best and let’s hope they at least consider me….

I had to include a photo of me, so I included this one.  Hopefully they won’t notice the beer flush, lol!  

Horace and I had a lovely lie in this morning and we presumed Sausage was having a lie in too. Normally I hear him wake up and go downstairs with him, but this morning I heard nothing; he’s obviously perfected stealth mode.  We only realised he was awake when he arrived up in our room half dressed, bearing an opened pot of jam whilst jabbering on about milk going ‘whoosh!’  With fear and trepidation I came downstairs.

I found what can only be described as a lino omelette.  12 smashed eggs and milk splashed all over the kitchen floor.  I was so annoyed at having to clear it all up and went on to Twitter to share my woes.  Whilst typing I suddenly heard my eldest daughter laughing hysterically at her brother.  Sausage then casually ambled into the room cradling one of my lovely green Denby mugs – filled with wee.  His potty training is not going quite to plan and these days he is prone to freestyling.  In this instance he decided, being the intuitive soul he is, that I needed a cup of wee to go with my lino omelette.  A bizarre breakfast I could definitely have done without!


12 responses to “Candis Comp – A Lino Omelette & a Cup of Wee

  1. Good luck hun, it’s a great blog post.

    When is the deadline? Finger’s firmly crossed x

  2. Good luck Kay, you deserve to win and I really hope that you do.

  3. Deadline is 31st January. I hate entering these comps because I allow myself to become hopeful…… Well, innit to winnit as they say in comping circles! I tried! :O)

    Thanks Liz & Mel. xx

  4. This made me laugh sooo much – thank you for brightening up my dull afternoon, and good luck!

  5. I think this is fab, and keep everything crossed that you win it!! And good for you for trying, I know what you mean about getting your hopes up but you have to try and I doubt they’ll get one as funny as this. Good luck!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it Karen! LinsDCB I just don’t know if it’s ‘funny’ they’re looking for. Ah well! I had a go, can’t do more than that! Ta for commenting and your support :O) x

  7. Good luck -Kay, very amusing and well written as usual 🙂

  8. Thanks Donna, will have to see what happens! Got to try I suppose :O)

  9. Good luck with the competition, your blogs are very amusing!
    Melanie Crabb

  10. Thank you! The comp ended yonks ago, but still haven’t had any info at all, I’m hoping no news is good news…..(I can but hope!)

  11. Kay, you just made me burst out laughing! Hubby thought I’d gone mad(der). Lots of luck in the competition, don’t know how I missed this post before but I’m glad I found it now – cheered up my day!

  12. Glad you liked it. Sausage freestyles less now, so that means I don’t have to check every cup I leave hanging around now, which is great :O) The actual blog with photos is further back on the blog listing. I’ll try and find it for you later. So many eggs, so much mess, such an ‘orrible cuppa!! PSML!! :O)

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