Blogging Paths

Blogging Paths

Metaphorically speaking, blogging takes many paths.  Personally I’ve chosen what many would describe as a ‘Mummy Blogger’ path – a messy path littered with toys, nappies, tears and laughter; it’s very muddy but I like jumping in the puddles.

Mainly, I write about this subject because my heart is in it.  This is my life, and these are my loves. I enjoy nothing more than toddling along, writing about the everyday twists and turns on the route we travel.  We take wrong turnings,  find new paths, fall over and bruise knees, run, walk, skip along, sing, argue, disagree, kiss and make up. It’s all an adventure.  This is the road we are on, and this is where my words are at home.

Mummy Blogging Path - Just add scattered toys.

The thing that has perplexed me more than anything whilst on my blogging travels, has been the advertising bill boards at the side of the paths we doggedly trog along day by day.  I’ve seen other people on this route merrily shouting out the slogans, which seems odd to me, although it seems to suit them fine.  I’ve tried it and I suspect my voice has sounded a little hollow.  This route and this blog is not destined for such things, although I may divert every now and then if I believe something is worth mentioning.  If it’s a product or service that I believe will aid my family’s journey, and maybe yours, then I’ll happily shout out the details as I amble past.

That’s my intention anyway.  The map I’ve set out for the next couple of months does include passing a few adverts, but not many, and my family and I are happy to yell the details, and then run on towards the mountains that lie ahead.  Bobble hats, trailing scarves, welly bobs, sun hats, sandals and sun cream packed in the rucksack, we’re prepared for all weathers and all terrain – and we’ll get there in the end.  Wherever ‘there’ is.

Others are welcome to travel the blogging path with us, and share the highlights and lowlights.  I just want to promise, hand on heart, I’ll try and make the journey relevant, interesting, entertaining and worth reading.

If you enjoy walking this path too, please do click on ‘sign me up’ or maybe it should say  ‘Pass me a pair of boots, I’ll keep you company for a bit’.  It’s just nice to know there’s others heading in the same direction.


11 responses to “Blogging Paths

  1. This is simply me admitting I’ll never be a blogging business woman, I’m throwing in my lot with the writers and the day-dreamers :O)

    Best of luck to others who take a different route. x

  2. *Waves back from much further along the path*
    Can’t quite hang up the boots yet, but they’ve seen a lot of wear.

  3. What a beautifully moving post, for all the right reasons.

    Jude xx


  4. I have a big wide smile on my face reading this.

    It’s very beautifully written. I get what you mean – totally. Writing a blog should (IMO) be about the writing, something which you have a great talent for.

    It’s your blog, you do exactly what you want with it. And for the record, I’m coming along for the walk. Might even hold your hand and skip :0)

  5. Hallelujah! Glad to hear it 🙂

  6. Can I come too? Very beautiful post. You write so well and I love to read your blog. Motherhood is a wonderful, exhausting, rewarding, stressful, amazing ‘job’ and you show this in every single post you write. I love that. I feel every emotion, and laugh or cry or want to reach in and give you a hug (and shake annoying companies until they listen) ;o)
    If I am half the Mum you are, let alone writer, I’d be very proud.
    Luffs you lots

  7. Tracy, Don’t be daft! Although I really appreciate your comment, loads in fact. (blushes)

    Linzi, I know!Just got a couple of blog adverts I’ve prearranged to clear and then I’m on with selective reviews / advertising, not just whatever is thrown in this direction.

    Liz & Jude, Grabs hands and starts skipping along the track, ‘Yellow Brick Road’ stylee. x

    Dianne, *Waves back* I’ll catch up with you in a bit :O)

    CherryMumof6, How many kids?!!! I’m not having anymore, I’d just go mad. Thanks very much for stopping by, please do drop by again. x :O)

  8. A truly beautiful and moving post – Amanda x

  9. Aka gidders1

  10. I knew it was you you daft thing! Glad you enjoyed reading it :O) x

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