Horrible Homebase Kitchen Closure!

Horrible Homebase Kitchen Closure!

If you want to read the start of this bizarre little customer service kitchen complaining thingumajig, pls click here :O) Warning: Excessive Sarcasm May Cause Giggling

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Following on from yesterday, after my reply to Homebase (even saying that word now makes me feel annoyed), I received this response.  The tone has totally changed, it is polite and far more professional, which I appreciate.  The lady who wrote this is actually in a position above the Regional Manager for this area, so really I would have expected a reply with correct punctuation and manners included in the first place, considering her position and responsibility – but, hey-ho, at least she’s changed tack now.

Good morning Mrs Wilkinson

Thank you for your email, I am sorry you were unhappy with the phrasing of this. it was not my intention to upset you in anyway.  I will be writing  to you with a full apology shortly.  I have spoken to **** and he has asked me to offer you £200.00 of Homebase gift vouchers for the problems you have encountered.  If this is acceptable to you please advise me and I will arrange for a letter and the gift vouchers to be sent to you.
Kind regards

I received this email yesterday at about lunchtime and have had no written apology, although I’m pouncing on my emails and hope to come across one ‘shortly’, and will chase it up if it doesn’t arrive.  A dog with a bone has nothing on me!

So there we have it – £200 of Homebase vouchers.  Not a fortune, but at least they have acknowledged the horrendous inconvenience we’ve been through, and we have had some recompense.  I’m not keen on channeling this money back to them, but I stupidly agreed to accept vouchers before thinking it through properly.  As a friend of mine suggested, I should have asked them for B & Q vouchers instead.  Oh, how I so wish I had!

I replied, and hopefully – for your sanity’s sake and mine – this will be the last of this (insert swear word here) Homebase kitchen bother-and-to-do emails:


Thanks very much for your reply and we’ll be happy to accept an apology and the £200 Homebase vouchers.  In addition to this I’m afraid we still need someone to come and sort out the metal pan protectors on the work surface. I’ve found a random link to a similar product so you know what I’m talking about.
When the work surface was redone, they were simply taken off the old surface and were re-stuck to the new one.  They are now coming off  and are only half stuck on in places.  They need taking off and new ones sticking down really.  We aren’t willing to do this ourselves and possibly incur damage and further inconvenience.  I’m very sorry to point out this one final problem, it is not my intention to be awkward at all. Once this has been sorted, I really will be satisfied with how we have been dealt with, and will cease sending annoying emails.
Thanks very much for your prompt reply and I particularly appreciate the time **** has put into sorting out a working kitchen for us.  He has always replied to phone calls and has been unfailingly polite and helpful.  I was just a little concerned that you had been informed that everything was to our satisfaction, when no-one had contacted us after the hob had been installed to check if this actually was the case or not.
Thanks again for the vouchers and your reply,
Kay :O)
I’m sick to the back teeth of Horrible Homebase, and will be very glad to stop raging about them, and simply use and enjoy my kitchen.  After all this, I am aware that I do owe my readers a photo of the aforementioned kitchen.  I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats, dying to have a nosey at the sparkling ASBO kitchen that we have finally tamed.  It’s exciting stuff isn’t it, a kitchen.  Woot! I’m not posting any pics until I’ve been in there and gutted it though, I need to ensure you all know how much of a domestic goddess I really am! (cough…cough…raised eyebrow)
So, I think I can safely say this is the conclusion and that, although it is only a very small victory, I won.  Just a teeny tiny word of advice though, in case you’ve missed the topic thread running through these Homebase blogs – DON’T BUY A KITCHEN FROM HOMEBASE!!!!  EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER; NOT ONCE IN A BLUE MOON; NOT IN A MOMENT OF KITCHEN WEAKNESS; NOT IF IT’S THE ONLY SODDING SHOP LEFT ON THE PLANET – DO NOT!!
Hell, that took it out of me a little, all that shouting and caps lock stuff.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the updates, the rants, the sarcasm, the raging tweets and infuriated Facebook updates – Personally I’ve enjoyed the challenge.
Next mission pending…… (drum roll)
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8 responses to “Horrible Homebase Kitchen Closure!

  1. Dammit, all the spacing’s gone wierd, can’t get it to add spaces between paragraphs. Apologies (sighs and slams keyboard around a bit)

  2. Well done on getting some kind of resolution. Although £200 does sound a bit miserly, and I’m guessing it’s only a very small fraction of your intial outlay with them for the new kitchen.

    Free vouchers or not, I doubt you’ll ever want to darken Homebase’s door again! Flog ’em on eBay and spend the cash at B&Q!


  3. Tight on the compensation I think, and being a pedant anyway should be two words and not one in her email – completely different meaning. Still a chance to put it behind you and move on, once the vouchers are spent!

  4. I spotted the ‘anyway’ too. Problem was, if I’d replied and pointed that out, she may have sent a hit man out rather than vouchers. Now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have been so quick to accept their offer. Ah well, I’m just glad to be rid of the whole situation. I think the blogs are just turning into rants too, so need an end to it all methinks.

  5. I don’t blame you for wanting to call it a day, I really don’t, you must just be so tired of this issue interfering with your lives but I still think you’ve been right royally shafted! Maybe you could see if they stock a “How to…….” guide on how to fit a kitchen & send it to Head Office.

  6. Glad you’ve got it sorted at last. Just don’t go setting fire to the fecking thing!

  7. jm.willis@ntlworld.com

    Having had my kitchen done by a supposedly reputable local business who very conveniently went out of business before they’d dealt with all our issues, and reopened with everything exactly the same apart from the name and the lapsed guarantees, I’m tempted to say “Don’t buy a kitchen”. I’m sure we were happier in the dsays when we managed with a bit of MDF covered in classic Blue Peter sticky backed plastic balanced on top of the washing machine.

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