Homebase Blogette

Homebase Blogette

We had the hob installed on the 10/1, so it is no longer tormenting and threatening to trip us up as we walk in the door.

So another happy morning was spent with the cooker disembowelled on the kitchen floor, two Homebase workmen answering mobiles and chunnering on about gas supplies and tubes or summat – and Sausage and I had to make do with Cup-A-Soups and an apple for lunch as we couldn’t physically get into the kitchen to reach the microwave or get to anything in there (our kitchen is tiny).

They threatened to leave the old knackered hob behind, but I asked them to take it with them, and said I’d been inconvenienced enough and please could they deal with it.  So they did.  If they’d have refused, I think I would have thrown it out the door after them.  Never mind Sausage learning bad habits from me in regards to chucking stuff, he needs to know his mum sticks up for herself, that’s not a bad habit to learn at least.

Today I receive this email:

Good morning Mrs Wilkinson

Our Regional Manager has informed me your hob has now been fitted and everything is to your satisfaction.  Can you advise me if this is correct.
kind regards

And I replied:

Good morning!

Yes the hob was installed, and thank you for that.

I am still not happy about the hours I have had to spend waiting for Homebase employees to come round and fix various aspects of my kitchen.  I’m not happy about the mess I’ve had to deal with, the substandard equipment and fittings that have been supplied / replaced or the telephone calls I’ve had to make to your Customer Services Department chasing staff and parts.

We do now have a working kitchen, but it has all in all, been an awful experience.  So, yes I’m pleased we now have a hob, but no I am not happy with Homebase at all.  I’m not happy that I had a more genuine apology from the standard email sent by your Customer Services department than from any real human being I have actually dealt with, and I’m really not happy at the tone of your email.  “Can you advise me if this is correct”.  “Please could you advise me if this is correct?”  would have been polite and apart from anything else would have included correct punctuation.

Everything is not to my satisfaction at all, and I am still seeking compensation for the inconvenience I’ve suffered as a result of the kitchen installation.
Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,

This is no longer funny or witty at all, it’s just me getting riled, which is probably not that great to read, but what the hell!  I want my readers to see Homebase in all their resplendent customer service glory, so I’m blogging it.

Criticising punctuation is probably irrelevant, but I am hoping it is irritating as well as irrelevant.  You see I keep my New Years Resolutions!


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