Tears for the Tigers

Tears for the Tigers

This evening I found Darlek sobbing her heart out in her room. I couldn’t understand what was the matter at first, and initially thought it was just because I’d asked her to tidy some of her things away before bed.  I was a bit annoyed at first, we always end up with dramas every time we attempt tidying.  Darlek takes after me, she hates sorting stuff – loves a tidy room, but despises the effort.  Just like her mum.

I got her to calm down a bit and she explained that it wasn’t about her room; laid across her knee was a book about big cats – the environments they live in, their markings, their diet etc – and it was that, that had upset her.  On one of the pages it had a photograph of some hunters with a tiger skin stretched out on a table, they held guns and were obviously proud of their catch.

Darlek said that she felt so sorry for the tiger, said it shouldn’t be allowed and wiped her eyes, blew her nose and carried on quietly sobbing.  She wanted me to read the book to her before going to sleep, but didn’t want me to read the page with the picture on.  Even seeing it in the background upset her.

I’m not happy she was upset at all, it’s awful to see her so distraught, but I have to say I am so proud that she has a big heart and that she empathizes with other living things so much.  It shows she cares, which is admirable.  Even if I muck up so many other aspects of parenting, if I manage to raise a child who cares, I’ll be happy.  It looks like I’m doing something right at least.

It’s funny really, I was just saying she’s just like me when it comes down to tidying up.  My daughter and I are so alike in so many ways.  A few years ago I remember hearing about how the Yangtze River Dolphin had been officially declared extinct, and I sat and I cried.  Not rivers of tears, but just a few hot, salty, sad, regretful tears. It makes me sad and angry to see how stupid and thoughtless humans can be, how we ruin the wonders of this world, poison waters, kill and maim animals & people and are just plain cruel and stupid.  To see that sadness reflected in my daughter’s eyes is both heartbreaking and reassuring.  To feel pain so deeply is awful, but to want to ‘do something’ about it is fabulous.  I think she’ll grow up to be someone who’ll try and make a difference and I am so proud of my little love already.  :O)

5 responses to “Tears for the Tigers

  1. What a gorgeous post. You are right to feel proud. Your Daughter has a big heart 🙂 You need to have more faith in yourself too. It’s plainly obvious that you are a fabulous Mother. Warm, loving and obviously a role model for your kids. Her love comes from being shown love xxxx

  2. Thank you Tracy, I typed that and shed another couple of tears for the tigers and the state of things, and because I am so passionately proud of my daughter. Daft moo that I am. Thank you. ((hugs)) x

  3. This reminds me of last year with J, who seemed to be bringing home lots of animal books from school: we had plenty of discussions about endangered species, poachers and animals losing their habitat. He said he wanted to stop it but he didn’t know how.

    Anyway, he saw an advert on TV from WWF and came running in to ask if we could adopt a tiger. I looked into it, and we ended up “adopting” a Black Rhino for £3/month. He now has a cuddly toy rhino in his bed, and gets sent postcards and newsletters now and again (which I take more interest in than him!). He is really proud, though, that he’s helped in a small way to help the animals. I think it makes him feel that, if he spots something wrong in the world, he CAN do something about it. I’m hoping this carries on when he’s got his own money!

    • It’s Darlek’s birthday quite soon and I think that the animal sponsorship idea is a brilliant one. I think I may be following your example. Thanks :O) Very nice of you to comment Leah, x

  4. YOu should be proud. very touching.


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