Decisions, Decisions….

Decisions, Decisions…….

I have decided to have a go at this competition.

It states: For the past year our fabulous Candis blogger, Melanie Crabb, has kept us entertained with stories of her hilarious family life. Her blogs have gained a huge following – and now it’s time to appoint her heir. So we’re looking for someone special to take up the metaphorical pen and bring us a brilliant new blog.

The winner will be profiled in a future issue and win a 12-month contract to write for the Candis website. And you’ll be paid for your efforts – our winning blogger will get £150 a month for the full year!

If you can craft your day-to-day life into sparkling prose, and know one end of the keyboard from the other, we want to hear from you. Ideally you will be immersed in family life, with children of all ages, and you’ll be happy to tell us all about them – not to mention the rest of the family. You might be a mum or a dad, grandma or grandad, married or single, and you might go out to work or be a stay at home parent. Either way we want to reflect the kind of family life that other readers will recognise with (and even sometimes sympathise with).

Whatever you have to say and however you say it, if you think it will entertain and enlighten us then we want to hear from you!

After my last abject failure in regards to the Columnist Competition I’m going to have another go at this kind of thing – it’s quite brave for me to be honest, because I simply cannot take the rejection of losing, it hurts (looks pitiful and nurses a cup of tea and a bruised ego).  But I’m going to try anyway, dammit.  If I never try, I’ll never have a chance.

I have to come up with a 200 word post on: a description of an event, dramatic incident, or an otherwise memorable moment in your family’s life.

So I’m asking for your help! This isn’t a plea for sponsorship or votes, I’m just asking for some friendly advice. Which post should I try and adapt as a competition entry, which post did you think was the most entertaining?

I don’t expect anyone to go through all of them, they’re just there as prompts.  Which did you enjoy the most, and which bit in particular?  I need to summarise something into 200 words so I’ve got to be quite selective.

I’d really appreciate the feedback, and any help is very much appreciated.  I’ll leave this blog for 24 hours, read and inwardly digest any advice offered, and then adapt the chosen blog bit for the competition.  Maybe this time my efforts will pay off, and if they don’t, what the hell.  I tried!

Thanks to @jadlgw @kikicomp @fripfoil for pointing this comp out and for having faith in me.

I’m considering:

A Lino Omelette & a Cup of Wee

Carpet Cleaning & Nit Deceasing (altho hard to summarize succinctly)

Itchy Scratchy

It’s Still Alive!

Potty Training & a Positive Slant

Unfortunate Language Development (might be considered innapropriate)

Kay – Noble Rescuer of Animals (or maybe not)

Shush  (the one about titties)

A Green Kitty and D pedals off into the sunset

Spaghetti as it should never be served.



6 responses to “Decisions, Decisions….

  1. Itchy Scratchy gets my vote.

    Good luck with your entry, you’d be a fab guest blogger for them x

  2. The one that stands out to me is the frog one. Out of all of them that one is the one that is most memorable to me. Good luck. Xx

  3. I think the Green cat & Daisy on her bike one would be a good selection, it’s got a bit of sweet (Daisy on her bike) and a bit of sour (the poor cat). I know nits are part & parcel of family life at some point or another for most of us but I just worry it’d turn too many stomachs. And the animal rescuer one.

  4. I meant the animal rescuer would be good too, not that it’d turn stomachs…..unless you had something against people who rescue frogs.

  5. Oh Kay, they are all brilliant. I subscribe to Candis and I think your blog would make a superb column for them (just the sort of thing I’ve been telling you to go for for ages). I think the one to submit is “A Lino Omelette and a Cup of Wee” – and if they have any Elizabeth David fans on the team you’ll get the job before they even read past the title.

  6. Hmm – either the Lino Omlette – but would need to include something about Horace I think to fulfill their criteria. Or something to do with the Nits/head lice – all of the family are involved in that. (I thought of you yesterday when we got the nit letter home from school complete with blown up photo on the back of a head louse).

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