Carpet cleaning and Nit Deceasing.

Carpet Cleaning and Nit Deceasing

That’s about the sum total of the day really.  Darlek and Sausage woke up at about 9am so we had a relatively late start which seemed like a good idea at the time.  It was Horace’s turn for a lie in, so I had a leisurely breakfast with the kids.  Very nice and relaxed.

Problem was it got to 10.30am and I suddenly remembered I’d bought the Hedrin nit treatment the previous day and that it needed applying before Darlek went to the birthday party she was due to go to at 1pm.  I have excema and sensetive skin, so I was very unwilling to apply the stuff, plastic gloves or no plastic gloves – I’ve suffered for getting chemicals on my hands before and I didn’t want to take the risk.  Cue trying to tip Horace out of bed, without the use of caffeine.  We’ve run out of instant coffee and this means Horace tends to move a little slower than usual in the mornings.  We do have ‘proper’ coffee, but unfortunately I’ve not mastered the proper coffee machine, despite having been shown how to use it about 6 times, to Horace’s constant annoyance.  I can’t help it, there’s too many nozzles and switches and loud whooshing noises – it makes me nervous.

Anyway! It got to 11.15pm, Darlek had done the ‘Daddy Gerrouta Bed!’ shouty thing, but with minimal results, so I just got on with it myself.  I soaked Darlek’s hair without too many problems, but had to chase Sausage around the room with Hedrin bottle in hand, stupid plastic floppy gloves and a lot of persistance.  He thought it was a game, and ran away lots, which was quite aggravating considering the clock was ticking and I knew I had to do both their hair, and mine and get both of them bathed and rinsed and Darlek dressed for her friend’s birthday do.  I ended up pinning him down on the sofa while he laughed at me and struggled.  How that stuff didn’t go in his eyes I will never know!

I have to say Hedrin doesn’t smell half as awful as the stuff I used years ago, and I wasn’t worrying about us all passing out from the fumes, which was good.  Problem was even after I’d bathed & rinsed both kids (Horace had deigned to climb out of bed by this point and was giving me a hand) their hair looked horrendously greasy.  This is after two lots of shampoo and one lot of conditioner, each.  It’s obviously very gunky stuff. It’s also very slippery!  I had to stop Sausage from sliding under the water a couple of times, Hedrin (to me anyway) seems like the equivalent of engine grease / WD40 or possibly liquid lard.  I still need to clean the bathroom, the bath itself is like a skating rink and the floor is pretty bad too.  The bathroom was only cleaned 3 days ago (Kay looks mournful at the thought of excessive bathoom cleaning).

Miracle of miracles, I got Darlek washed, rinsed and dressed in time for her party.  We bought her some new stuff the other day and she looked very fashionable and smart in my opinion, which made me feel very proud.  Problem was, her hair hadn’t dried and I couldn’t get it to dry with a towel either, and I couldn’t find my hair dryer.  I tried to make it look nice by bunging a pretty clip in, but Darlek did go to the party looking a bit like she’d just escaped a massive rainstorm.  Thing is, I realised a little while after she left, when my hair similarly refused to dry, that it was mainly because the nit lotion doesn’t wash out so well.  We’ve all wandered around all day looking like we’ve had upturned tubs of margarine on our heads.  Not very nice, but if it gets rid of the blighters, I couldn’t care less.

While Darlek was at her party, my sister, Horace and I cleaned the living room carpet with a Rug Doctor hired from Morissons.  Our carpet is notoriously mucky.  So mucky that people wipe their feet when they leave the house, rather than when the come in, it really is that awful.  So when my sister hired one of these rug cleaning machines for the weekend we jumped at the chance to use it.  Consequently we now have a pastel sky blue carpet!  As opposed to a manky ‘blu tac that’s been covered in fluff and left for ten years in a cupboard’ kind of colour.  It’s fab!  I’m excited, that’s not normal is it!  Thing is, I can now let my kids sit on the floor, eat a butty (on a plate) and not worry about them sticking permanently and irreversibly to the floor.

Darlek returned home with a party hat she refused to take off (she even said she was going to go to bed and wear it all night) and a face painted with a dark purple butterfly design, which she loved.  Personally I thought it made her look like she was horrendously bruised, but I wouldn’t dream of telling her that.

I have to mention Darlek gave me my Xmas presents today too which was lovely. Yesterday she found them under her bed and today she wrapped them.  She gave me  a little bracelet made from one big african style bead, little dark wooden beads and erm….fish backbones.  I’m not so sure about the wierd little disc fish bones to be honest, there’s something odd about wearing a bracelet made out of bones.  Still, I shall wear it with pride, because my little love bought it specially for me, and I appreciate the thought.  She also gave me a hardback, blank fabric covered book, with pink art noveau style roses in a Makintosh style patterned across the front.  It has a matching pen decorated with pink gems and I absolutely love it.

I think I shall have to think of something important to write in there.  Silly poems I daren’t post on here, or observations on the clouds or some other such nonsense.  Speaking of which, I’ve just remembered.  I still recall the way the clouds looked on the day Darlek was born.  I wrote it down in one of my other diaries.  We went over the tops and through the hills, the sky had ocassional splashes of aquamarine blue sky interspersed amongst fluffy grey cumulous clouds.  I can see it now! (goes misty-eyed).  That’s why these diaries are so important to me.  I’m trapping the days between the pages, or that’s the idea anyway.

I’ve gone off on a tangent haven’t I.  Well, It’s my blog and I’ll waffle if I want to! (to the tune of ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!’  Today’s not been the most spectacularly interesting of days and I think I can be forgiven for drifting from the topic, which is namely cleaning carpets (whoop de doo!), nits (double whoop de doo!) and Daisy’s party (which she did actually whoop de doo at, cos she enjoyed herself so much).  As for me, I’ve felt a bit like I’m running in circles not achieving much.  Mind you, as long as I’ve achieved massive-nit-death, the day has been worthwhile.


3 responses to “Carpet cleaning and Nit Deceasing.

  1. It sounds like a VERY productive day.

    Hope the little blighters are finally gone.

    I managed to hand clean the carpet (3rd) time, sprinkle with bicarb and will now make do with just the vague aroma of sick. I didn’t have the luxury of a Rug Doctor, although I did use some of the shampoo left over from last time I hired one. They are magic machines aren’t they – if a little bit frightening when you see the colour of the water afterwards!

  2. The water that came out of it was black, it was so manky! The difference was amazing though, well worth the money. We shared the loan of it over the weekend with my sister so it wasn’t so much. Sausage spilt a load of milk over it this morning, but at least we’ve got a head start now :O) I’ve done the bicarb thing before too, it made it look like it had been snowing indoors.

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