Please Help Send me to Cybermummy!

Please Help Send me to Cybermummy!

This is me blagging….erm…blogging shamelessly.

I’ll be blatantly honest and say I’d love to go to the Cybermummy conference but it costs a fortune.  Unless I sell my children or something there is absolutely no way I can afford the cost of the tickets or the transport.  If I did sell my children I don’t think they’d like me to go anyway, so I have no other option other than to ask for sponsorship.

If anyone would consider sponsoring me to go, I’d be eternally grateful.  In addition to my eternal gratefulness I can offer 5 blog posts over the course of a year, on the subject / product of your choice.  I could also add a badge from my page that links to yourselves for a whole year, so if you think you have a similar target audience to me, you could be onto a winner. If you would like, I could also wear a badge on the day with your logo on, and wear any branded clothes you might think appropriate – although I will be a little reluctant if you want me to wear Scooby-Doo outfit (mind you I am desperate to go… if you really want me to…).  You’d also gain a very loyal, best mate.  I’m very open to options and will happily discuss terms with anyone who thinks they might be willing to help me get to Cybermummy.

Over the last year of blogging I’ve gained a following and have made many friends and have really loved the whole experience.  Problem is, I have also found my lack of technical knowledge has led to photos posted at odd angles, an inability to add images / video  and issues with balancing work / blogging / social networking  / housework and parenthood.  It’s all got a bit manic, I’m hoping that if I can get to Cybermummy it will help me hone my skills a little and develop as a blogger and simply get better at what I’m trying to do. I’d love someone to think that I’m worth investing in.

I had kids, left work, embraced parenthood and then got a bit lost with it all.  For the last year I have craved work and a career, but trapped by transport issues, a lack of employment in the area, and personal confidence – I have found nothing suitable.  The only thing that has driven me recently is my blog, it has become my ‘work’ and I want to make it something worthwhile, something to be proud of. Cybermummy is training, it is something that will help me get somewhere.

Basically the transport is going to be approximately £75, and the tickets are £100.  I can stay with a relative so there will be no accommodation costs.

Please do have a quick look at the overview WordPress sent me if you want to check my stats, and feel free to contact me for any further information.  Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this.  I don’t like having to ask, but this appears to be the only way to go about getting to the conference.

I want to go!  I have potential. I am worth the investment.  Please help send me to Cybermummy!


2 responses to “Please Help Send me to Cybermummy!

  1. I’m sure someone will snap you up. Such a fantastic writer, and I’d so love you to come! Good luck x

  2. I’ve gone all bashful now (goes red). Well, I hope someone else agrees with you and ‘snaps me up’ like a fabulous sponsoring crocodile. Fingers crossed. :O)

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