It’s Still Alive!

It’s Still Alive!

The nit is still alive in its tupperware pot!  I haven’t checked, but Horace has.  They really are Indestructinits aren’t they!  It’s been trapped in there since yesterday, after having been soaked in teatree shampoo, wetcombed by a sharp pointy nit comb, left in a load of water, poked and prodded under a microscope and finally imprisoned – it’s still alive!  What hope is there for us? (sobs uncontrollably).  I don’t think it’s quite as healthy as it was, as Horace said that one of its ‘mandibles’ (?) was broken last night so it kept falling over – but it is still alive and scuttling!

I do think Horace is a little too attached to his little pet though.  He asked me today what nits eat, and casually wondered aloud about how to keep it alive.  I told him that they drink blood and gave him a very pointed look.  He is not, repeat NOT keeping that thing any longer than necessary.  Unfortunately I think it has become one of his fixations, he is eternally curious about peculiar little things. Probably why he puts up with me.  Hopefully the beastie will not stay alive long enough for him to name it, although if it did, I’d be very happy to call it ‘Dead’ or something similarly friendly sounding. ‘Give a dog a bad name’ as they say, or maybe that should be ‘give a nit a sh*t name’ and hope it (and its friends ) get the hint.

Horace took pictures of  ‘Dead’ (under the microscope) on his mobile and took it into work to show his colleagues, which I think is rather bad news for our social life.  I don’t think we’ll have another Gothic Dress Saga, because I doubt we’ll be invited to further social events.  Darlek has unfortunately been infected with his enthusiasm, and spotted the tupperware pot this morning before school.  She asked if she could take it in to show the teacher.  I said no, and shook my head vigorously – the shaking head thing was not to emphasize my point, it was simply to try and dislodge more of ‘Dead’s’ mates.

Anyway, I am not keen on cultivating them, and had a bath last night and did my hair; got up this morning and did my hair again; and I’ve just had another bath and, guess what……I wet combed my hair yet again.  I may not shave all my hair off, but I think I’m at serious risk of pulling all out.  Either that or becoming permanently wrinkled due to water retention or whatever it is that makes my fingers go like prunes if I stay in water too long.

It’s all fun at our house!  I’m aware that I haven’t posted any photos on my blog for a while, although I have finally found my iPhone again so I am able to.  I just don’t think you’d want me to considering the topic.  I shall post about snowdrops or something lovely soon, they’re far more photogenic than ‘Dead’ is.

Ah well, there’s your nit update for the evening!  (scratches behind ears and pulls face)

(go on, scratch… know you want to…..)  (Evil grin :O)



3 responses to “It’s Still Alive!

  1. I knew I shouldn’t have read that, I’m scratching away like a bloody monkey now. I believe when the world implodes on itself the only thing left will be cockroaches and nits 🙂 @jadlgw

  2. Oh, I get it now.
    I understand how the nit got there, and why it’s there, though i’m struggling with the concept of WHY?!

    and yes i’m itching, thanks


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