‘Dead’ & his mate in their new home!

A photograph of ‘Dead’ in his new home.  There’s actually two of them, so it’s twice as bad as what I originally thought.   Horace says that if you look carefully you can see a small piece of hair being clutched by one of them.  I think he may have given it to ‘Dead’ to make him feel at home.  They are really small and don’t show up much, but you can actually see two small nasty specks of nits if you look carefully enough.

Horace also says he does not have a photo of the nit under the microscope, just a video.  Lucky for you, I don’t know how to upload videos.

Here’s two terrible photos of ‘Dead’ and his mate in their home, which is incidentally labelled ‘Self Raising Flour’ when the top’s on. Needless to say I shan’t be leaving them in my kitchen cupboard.

'Dead' and his mate.

Horace's Tupperware 'Port-a-Pet Nit' Home


2 responses to “‘Dead’ & his mate in their new home!

  1. Umm, i’m assuming there’s some background to this story which i’ve missed, or else you are just keeping nits in a tuppeware container (or a member of your family is) for fun…..i’d like to know how they got in the tupperware and why they have set up residence there?

    Slightly freaked :>O


  2. OH is a bit of an amateur entymologist (or whatever the word is, he likes creepy crawlies) – it’s just he’s got a bit of misguided enthusiasm for these little beasties, that’s all. Previous two blogs explain. You haven’t actually witnessed me sliding into insanity or anything, I promise.

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