Itchy Scratchy!

Itchy Scratchy!

Today I have mainly been considering shaving all my hair off or possibly beheading myself.  I see no other way of getting away from my own head.  Unfortunately we have unwelcome visitors at our house, quite a few of them, and they won’t leave. I have asked nicely, but they have just blown insecty raspberries at me and scuttled off.  (well, I think they blew raspberries, I didn’t hear them, but I reckon that’s the sort of thing they’d do)

Yep we have nits.  We found the first lot on Xmas Eve on Darlek, and have been wet combing her hair ever since with a Nitty Gritty comb, which seems to be working to some degree (there’s certainly either very few or none left on her now) – unfortunately I found more than a couple on my hair today too, and OH has just been in the bath and done his hair, with similar results.   It’s awful.

What is really horrendous is that Horace finds them fascinating, in a little boy looking at bugs kind of way.  No word of a lie, he’s just had a bath, done his hair and kept two huge ones on one side and he has got one, right this minute under Darlek’s toy microscope.  He keeps shouting ‘Wow!’ through from the other room and saying things like ‘You’ve got to come and look at this!’ ‘It’s moving around and everything!’ and ‘It’s got like, patterns on its back’.  He has assured me that it is incredible and that I really should go through and have a look.  Apparently it is so big the microscope can’t view all of the nit at the same time, and he has to pan the microscope up and down a little to see it in all its nitty glory.  I feel sick and will definitely not be heading into the front room any time in the near future.  I’ll just have nightmares.

Oh god!  He’s just shouted through ‘Do we have any jam-jars?’.  If he’s thinking of keeping it as a pet I will leave home and live in a cardboard box.

As far as I’m aware they are immune to most chemicals, and from memory the lotions I’ve used have been incredibly smelly and very ineffective – so we’ve just been wet combing.  I’m going to go and get some tea-tea oil too though to add to shampoos etc though, and see if that shifts them.

Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought. I just bobbed my head around the corner and he’s putting something in one of my tupperware pots with a lid on.

Somebody save me!  (and when I say I’m tearing my hair out here, I actually am.  I have a nit comb beside me in a tub of water and I keep ragging at my now stretched and ragged looking hair).

I don’t want any more pets :O(


6 responses to “Itchy Scratchy!

  1. Oh how handy, you actually do have a jam jar. Finally that Four Roses prize will come in useful.

    Or failing that, get Horace to attach blu-tac to their backs and you can have a go at lobbing them at the ceiling to join the lizards.

    Sorry, I’m not being very sympathetic am I? Serves you bloody right – I’m itching like mad after reading that!!

    No, seriously, tea tree oil is supposed to work, think you mix with lavender and maybe bergamot or summat, I’ll try and find out. Failing that I won some Vosene Kids a while back – shall I send it up?


  2. I’ve got a nitty gritty comb, and while it’s good, it’s not perfect. Having long hair myself and two primary school-age daughters with long hair we’ve had nits many times over the years. I’ve tried all the natural stuff, and I honestly can’t be bothered with it all anymore. It’s not worth the hassle, and it never works properly. Get some Hedrin, it suffocates the little buggers, and doesn’t smell. You can still use the comb, it gets the dead ones out.

  3. I too second the HEDRIN, it’s the only thing that worked on my daughter’s very long hair, just do everybody on the same night, wash all the bedding and steam the hoods of coats and hats etc over a boiling kettle, works everytime xxxx @jadlgw

  4. Somehow I feel this will be me in a few months time when not-so BabyMibs starts school!!
    It’s one of the many parts of growing up that I am definately NOT looking forward to lol,, the finger painting with poo all over the walls was his last inglorious art attempt!

    “look mommy, picatures!”

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