New Years Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions!

1)  Be less stressed and stop throwing things.  (Sausage has been watching and learning – we may have a top class cricket bowler on our hands in future, but in the meantime, he’s just chucking stuff at our kitty and it’s not nice)

2)  Spend more quality time with my beautiful Darlek, who tries so hard, and is often rewarded with my impatience and sharp words.  (I need to stop taking my frustrations out on her, I expect far too much of my little love)

2)  Find my iPhone so I can ring people and take pictures again. (MIA in my bedlamic post-xmas home somewhere)

2)  Carry on not smoking (note to self – stop standing next to smokers and inhaling deeply)

3)  File the drifts of paperwork / bills away (or at least put them somewhere I can’t see them so they stop bugging me)

4) Irritate Homebase a bit more.

5)  Stop worrying about stupid things – it really does not matter if my house does not look like something out of an IKEA catalogue.  I categorically will not be ashamed of having 50 or so sticky lizards hanging from the living room ceiling when people visit.  I like them, they add character.  (they don’t just hang about when people visit by the way, they are there permanently)

6)  Make time for fresh air and hill walking – these four walls drive me mad sometimes and I need to ensure I take the time to escape. I have only myself to blame if the walls start doing the Star Wars junk room thing and start closing in on me.

7)  I need to stop ignoring important stuff that needs dealing with.  Our insurance has needed updating for about 5 years I think. (Do not think that is license for anyone to spam me about insurance by the way – I assure you I receive enough spam to sink a Spam Ship already)

8) Pair my socks up and bin the odd ones  (laugh if you must…..)

9)  Clean the car, inside and out.  Someone wrote ‘Clean me’ on the side of it the other day.  I feel ashamed.  (hangs head)

10) To be happier, to appreciate the little things, to look skywards instead of towards the mud and to remember I will not pass this way again if that makes any sense.

11) I need to be less selfish, and do more for others without feeling it is a task.  It’s far too easy to get caught up in my own personal whirlwinds and forget other people. Sad but true.  I shall try harder!

12) Blog every day – I want to catch the days and pin then down on paper before they escape my butterfly brain for ever.  Life is moving far too quickly, and I want to keep the memories.

13) Finally, and most importantly – stop writing lists and losing them.  This blog entry is a good start at least.  I know where it is and it cannot drop down the back of the sofa to moulder with old sweets and headless lego men.

14)  Ok, so I lied…another one for the list.  Comp more of course :O)


3 responses to “New Years Resolutions!

  1. Good grief that’s a long list!

    All makes sense though, and most of it probably applies to me too – apart from the hanging lizards, you lost me on the hanging lizards!

    Good luck with them :0)


  2. I shall have to take a picture. They’re basically these:

    We just got bored and chucked a huge bag full of them at the ceiling about a year ago :O)

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