T’is the Season of Silly Perfume Ads

T’is the season of silly perfume adverts on the TV!  I love watching them, because they make me giggle.  In particular I remember one from last year which had a man in a posh evening suit, clicking his fingers – with every click the slinkily dressed model dropped another item of clothing seductively onto the floor.  Throughout the advert a song belted out ‘I like to play mind games!‘ with a heavy techno beat, as a backdrop.  Personally I don’t think the mind games must have been that complicated – surely it just boiled down to ‘I click my fingers – you drop your kit’.  All in all, it looked like the whole concept of the advert had been written by an over imaginative 15 year old with delusions of power.  I really don’t think that sort of thing happens, does it?  Or maybe it would, if only I invested in some of the aforementioned perfume –  perhaps then my life would become a highly charged, sophisticated stream of of parties, evening dresses, lingerie, jewellery, drinky-poos and small, yappy dogs in diamonte collars.  I wonder if I’m missing out….

My favourite perfume is Escape by Calvin Klein.  I wear it because it smells vaguely of melons and has a lovely understated lingering, subtle aroma that isn’t sickly sweet.  The first time I came across it, my friend was wearing it, and every time she walked past me I remember thinking how nice she smelt.  She was a good friend too, and I suppose I will always associate the perfume with her a little.  It also reminds me of when I was about 21, and free to come and go as I pleased, that was when I started wearing it.  That has crossed over into my psyche a little I suspect, whenever I wear Escape on a night out, I remind myself that I’m ‘going out’ and that I don’t have the usual responsibilities for  a couple of hours at least – I am ‘Escaping’.  That may sound ridiculous, but that is how it is!

So for me, my perfume is an important part of my outfit on a night out – because it smells nice and because it bring back happy, positive memories – not because some TV advert tells me it will make me sexy.  I’m afraid I think it would take far more than just a nice pong to work miracles such as that!  Mind you, I still love watching these extremely funny, completely removed from reality (unless you’re Naomi Campbell), often bizarre adverts. If I’m being honest, I think that when it comes to portraying what these perfumes can do for the average person on the street, I think the ads quite literallly stink, but I love them anyway.

And while I’m on the subject……LilysPerfumery is running a lovely giveaway, all you need to do to enter is click on the ‘Sign Me Up!’ button on this blog, comment saying what is your favourite perfume (just to make things more interesting) and post on Twitter saying: ‘I’ve entered LilysPerfumery Giveaway on the Brink of Bedlam Blog!’ – then head over to the Facebook page – the details are there too.  The giveaway ends on Thursday December 30th.  LilysPerfumery is a lovely, friendly online shop with a fabulous range of products, if you have a spare minute or two, go and check it out!

Click here for a direct link to LilysPerfumery!

1 Bottle of Roxy Love 15ml EDT and 1 bottle of Roxy EDT 15ml


A little bottle of loveliness!


6 responses to “T’is the Season of Silly Perfume Ads

  1. mandya1967@yahoo.co.uk

    I like Lacoste touch of pink… mainly cos the eldest bought it for me years ago , and i actually wear it! so I`ve had a couple of bottles from them since,about to run out..
    wonder what I`m getting for xmas?? 🙂

  2. I love Eternity by CK :)))

  3. I love Thierry Mugler Angel – because of course I am one! 😉

  4. wow!! fab giveaway! Thanks!!
    I already subscribe. My fav perfume at the moment is Agent Provocateur.
    Just about to tweet 🙂

  5. hiya, I agree Escape is gorgeous! Ralph Lauren Romance is another old favourite of mine. It’s strange how your taste develops over time though. The stuff i doused myself in as a teenager smells so sickly to me now!

  6. I signed up.I love Versace Bright Crystal
    tweeted as @marzutek

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