The Gothic Shop Dress Saga

The Gothic Shop Dress Saga

The Gothic Shop sent me a lovely dress & bag to review, and it arrived today.  This dress is without doubt a thing of beauty, but I am concerned that I am not carrying it off quite as well as I’d hope to.  Opinions would be appreciated, as I am worried that I am turning a fabulous Rockabilly dress into a little girl going to a jelly & ice cream party kinda look.  It’s the bows that are most unnerving.  I haven’t worn bows since I was a little ‘un.  Never in my whole life have I seen a good photo of myself, so prepare yourself for a very sheepish looking Kay.  So, question is!  Do I wear it to my Horace’s works ‘do’ and look ‘confident’  and try to do this fantastic dress justice – or do I wear it to my mum’s birthday do this evening in a posh restaurant.  Please note the lush bag too, that goes nicely so I’m not having any kind of crisis about that at least.  I think the dress would probably look better with an underskirt, but I had a bit of a guilt trip when the lovely lady from the Gothic shop offered to send me that too.  I’m not used to this strange blogging phenomenon when people offer to send me stuff for nothing.

I have never reviewed clothes before and am a bit wobbly about my fashion credentials.  So here goes my first attempt!  I’m going to blog about the night out either way, dress or no dress.  These do’s are always worth waffling about.  Something out of the norm, and it’s not as if I get to strut my stuff very often.  Anyway!  Whaddya think?!  Do I look a tit or a hit?! PSML as they say on the tinternet :O)

Hiding Behind Hair


12 responses to “The Gothic Shop Dress Saga

  1. That looks amazing on you, we never see ourselves the same way others do, if you looked awful I would tell you, I’m forever upsetting people cause I’ve been more honest than they wanted me to be! I think it would be perfect for the work’s do.

  2. Well, I like it – as an ‘undercover goth’, I was bound to. If I were wearing it I probably pair it with some fishnets and killer heels (which I’d take off after 5 minutes) from Iron Fist or something. It’s definitely got potential but needs a tweak to make it really pull together – I’m not really sure what though. Maybe dramatic hair/eye make-up. I’m sure that’s been no help at all, I’m rubbish at fashion, I wear what I like and hang the consequences. If you feel comfortable that’s the main thing – it’s a great dress and it looks lovely so you’re 95% of the way there. I do think it needs some colour somewhere, though otheriwse you might look like you’re off to a Halloween do rather than a Christmas party. xx

  3. You certainly don’t look like a tit, that’s for sure. The dress suits you and goes well with the boots. I think you should wear it to Horace’s “Do” and you’d look stunning!!
    Wish I looked that good in a dress like that!

  4. Very jealous woman sitting here!! It looks great on you… and fat arms???? where?!

  5. You look great hun. As for ‘it’s not really me’ – well if everyone went along with that philosophy then Gok Wan would be a pauper!

    I know personally if feels strange to be dolled up in a dress, after several years of being ‘just a mum’, but you deserve a bit of glam, so hold your head high, and have a great night.

    Oh and listen up: YOU DO NOT HAVE FAT ARMS!!


  6. I think it looks great on you. Wear it with pride! Like Kat says, team it with fab shoes and maybe a fitting hair “do”. You’ll look and feel super!

  7. I think it looks great, maybe try it with a silver bolero or such like. I’m rubbish at dressing up for things lol.

  8. oooh that’s gorgeous! I want!

  9. I’d find some goth gloves to wear with this. and a short but chunky goth necklace. i have a necklace that would perfect for that. but i cant remember where i got it from.

    they should let you review this, then you can let me have it lol. i love their site, big fan.

  10. Brrrr! will you be warm enough? Looks good on you and you could totally pull it of with the right hair and makeup. I recommend an up do with the addition
    of a black feather or flower hair clip and some dark and dramatic eyes …bourjois do an excellent three colour palette that takes the guess work out of a successful blend. Think Helena Bonham Carter! 🙂

  11. Just wanted to add a thank you to the comments here too! You were all so helpful, and I genuinely took on board all the suggestions. Unfortunately it boiled down to whatever I could find last minute at Tescos that didn’t make me look like a troll.

    If I’m ever lucky enough to blog about dresses again, I will definitely ask you lot for advice, you’re all a veritable goldmine of fashion tips. Thank you!

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