Potty Training & a Positive Slant

Potty Training & a Positive Slant

We are still in the throes of potty training and I am forced to try and find the positives in a somewhat hopeless situation. Having thought long and hard about it, I’ve decided my son may actually be uniquely talented. I suspect he may be doing experiments with liquid, ie working out what is and isn’t waterproof which is in fact very clever. Sausage is also demonstrating great originality and a sense of humour, especially in regards to his choice of peeing locations. I am actually impressed!

Obviously he has peed on the carpet, there’s nothing really amazing about that. He’s also peed on the sofa which shows a little more skill as he’s had to climb onto something before doing the do, and on almost every family member’s knee. Then there’s the little container on the back of his pushbike, he peed in there quite happily. I’m only guessing, but I think he wanted to create a small, movable puddle so he could transport his beloved bath ducks around with him in a homely, watery (if ultimately minging) environment.

Moving on! Sausage has also soaked his box full of wooden bricks – possibly trying to see if they would float in a minimum of water. They didn’t – so I’m presuming he considered this experiment a failure, and thankfully didn’t try it again (many times).

The wicker basket was one of his more interesting waterproofing experiments. I was amused to see Sausage genuinely looking amazed and confused as it all simply ran out of the gaps and all over the floor. I wasn’t amused for long as I had to clear it all up.

My little darling also weed in my boot. I don’t think he was actually doing anything particularly clever here though, I am fairly sure he was just trying to p*ss me off in this instance as it was just before I was due to go on a night out. I don’t have a photo of these boots as I threw them away shortly afterwards – it made one of my feet smell particularly acrid and ‘orrible (well more acrid and ‘orrible than usual at least).

Sausage also weed on his lovingly prepared spaghetti bolognaise once too. I had left him pantless because it was summer. I could be forgiven for thinking that this was also an act of rebellion against his mother, but looking at things in a positive light – Sausage was probably just trying to come up with a horrendous, awful and innapropriate dinner flavouring. I did not allow this experiment to continue and quickly shoved everything in the bin. I’m all for encouraging his creativity, but I have my limits. I regularly provide ketchup now and have had no further incidents.

What impressed me more than anything was the ‘Cup of Wee’ (mentioned in another one of my blogs) – I think that Sausage has grasped humour and trickery in one fell swoop and shows great promise. All I need now is for him to completely master the art of using the potty and the toilet. That’ll really be something to be proud of!


2 responses to “Potty Training & a Positive Slant

  1. Top marks for the creativity 🙂

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