‘I am The Sock Monster! and a Jewellery Giveaway!

‘I am The Sock Monster!’ and a Jewellery Giveaway from

www.Sherieann_Jewellery .co.uk!

(Catchy title dontchya think?!)

It’s official, I am the Sock Monster, you know the beastie that robs all your socks when you’re not looking and just leaves you with the crap ones that fall down all the time and have holes where your toes stick out?  You see I decided to try and sort out my kids’ socks yesterday and was astounded at the vast number of lone socks mooching around in their sock drawer.  I’m sure I never bought them, I’m sure it’s not physically possible to lose so many and end up with this many odd ones…..all I can conclude is that I really must be this legendary beast.  Maybe at certain times of the day I become unknowingly possessed by the Sock Monster spirit and steal vast amounts of kids socks from washing lines and wash baskets all over the country.  How else would I end up with this many……



More Socks

Actually this is just the one blanket full O’socks, taken from two different angles by the way, just so you can see the true, full extent of our huge collection. I reckon the socks with eyes are looking accusingly at me you know.  I think they miss their original owners and resent being nicked off with by a kleptomaniac Sock Monster.  If you don’t make eye contact with them it’s ok though.

If you recognise any, I’m afraid you’re not having them back.  They’re mine now (‘Dave’…I think you may have to be of a certain age to get that pun), all mine!  And I intend to keep them forever, even the ones with eyes that hate me.

On a more serious note, don’t ever attempt to arrange this many socks in such a manner at home, with a bored, rampaging two year old.  I thought I’d stumbled on quite a good idea for a blog, until the practicalities of the task became obvious.  Sausage dutifully picked up  and threw tons of carefully arranged socks at the sofa, rolled on them, stuck them on his hands and was downright aggravating.  As fast as I could lay them out, they were ransacked, or ‘ransocked’ as the case may be.  The poor love ended up very mardy because I’d told him off for doing sock angels in the middle of the blanket (like snow angels but sockier).

Once I’d finished, I suddenly realised it was almost impossible to take one single photograph of such a vast sockscape, and ended up precariously balancing on top of Sausage’s stacked high chair trying not to wobble and get all the socks in focus.  I think it was at about that point that I began wondering if I had actually gone completely loopy.  You would tell me if I had wouldn’t you?!

Moving onto the completely unrelated jewellery giveaway (well nearly completely unrelated, not quite).  I have two gorgeous pieces of jewellery on offer to two lucky blog readers, they are from @RedRoses4 on Twitter and are featured on www.Sherieann_Jewellery.co.uk. All you have to do to enter the draw is click on ‘Sign Me Up!’ and add your email address for further updates (if you haven’t already), and comment saying which item you would like….and…….this is the tricky bit……..you have to say how many pairs you can see, or at least guess how many pairs I eventually made up from that lot.  There’s no point counting them and dividing the number by two either, as I said before ‘I am The Sock Monster!’ – there’s a helluva lot of odd socks there.  The person who guesses the correct number, or is closest to the correct number will win their chosen item of jewellery. If there’s a tie, I will put names in a hat and get Darlek and Sausage to do a random draw.  I hope that’s clear enough, if not, message me!  @RedRoses4, or Sherieann in the ‘real world’ makes beautiful, quality products, is friendly, helpful, brilliant at craft and she’d love to see you at her site if you decide to drop by and browse her lovely jewellery.

If you’re feeling generous you could even tweet ‘Chaoskay is the Sock Monster!’ and link to this blog.  A few people might turn up here to see what on earth I’m going on about which would make me happy.  I can’t offer you any advantage in the competition if you do, because I’ll already be confused enough working out who likes what bit of jewellery to start calculating who’s tweeted what and where, I’m reet clever me! ;O)  The terms and conditions are simple, I paired them up, so I know how many there are….  Hint…if you click on the pics the socks are easier to see. (some are already paired up, but they are easy to spot)

Anyway, here is the jewellery I have on offer.  Remember! Sign up and comment saying which you like to be in the draw!  Competition ends on the 10th December.


23 responses to “‘I am The Sock Monster! and a Jewellery Giveaway!

  1. I think you had 23 pairs. I would like the green heart handbag charm please 🙂

  2. 27 pairs and I’d love the Xmas Tree bookmark please

  3. Haha love this post, made me laugh so much! My sons are adults now & the sock situation gets worse cos they get mixed up with their Dad’s- I have to just dump them all in middle of table & get them to scavage! They all have size 12 feet so it’s not a small job either haha.
    My random guess is 14.
    I love the Sherieann’s green piece, it’s gorgeous!
    kirsten Murphy x

  4. Haha you loon!

    I very rarely wear a matching pair of socks for this very reason. It’s better not to fight the sock monster, just go with the flow. OH has tried to outwit the sock monster by buying all identical pairs of black socks. But you and I know the sock monster is smarter than that. He can still wander off with ones leaving lone ‘standard black socks’ that still don’t seem to quite match the others.

    My random guess is 28. Love Sherieann’s stuff, I’d like to get my mitts on her handbag charm.


  5. I have loads of odds too and spend hours trying to match:( I reckon there’s a parallel universe where all the socks go

    I’d love the bookmark and thankyou to Sherieann xx

  6. opps forgot my guess I’ll go with 32

  7. ill say 17 for the xmas bookmark please

  8. I can’t think of anything amusing 😦 I love odd socks, and I think there’s 28 pair there goodbye xxx

  9. Love the bookmark! Great jewellrey on the website, I really like the Flower Beads charm Bracelet too 🙂 I’m going to go high and guess you could make 53 pairs of socks from that enormous pile. Subscribed 🙂

  10. Jane Willis @compergrapevine

    I think there are 42 pairs. I’d like the handbag charm please

  11. You are mad as a hatter, my dear! 😛 I reckon that’s what my airing cupboard is hoarding!! lol

    I guess 54 pairs.

    I’d love the green charm! I love Sherianns jewellery! Thank you both for a generous giveaway.

  12. I’d settle for either,as both items are amazing,but the Christmas tree bookmark,is seasonal,so If I have to opt,thats my choice.

  13. I reckon there must be 60 pairs of socks there!
    If I am the winner I really like the green heart charm :o)

  14. You are brave – I daren’t sort out our sock drawers, but have hoicked out the christmassy ones for their annual airing.

    I reckon there are 37 pairs, and would like the Xmas bookmark.

  15. I reckon there’s got to be at least 45 pairs! I’m going to go for 47 though =)

    I just repaired all my socks last night from my odd sock bag… =)

    I would love the Green Heart jewellry please x

  16. Hi,

    Please enter me for the christmas bookmark – it’s lovely.

    I have the same problem with my socks and wear odd socks most days, because I can never find any that match!!

    I’m going to guess 57. 🙂


  17. my guess 21

  18. 26 pairs, i think lol… they are both amazing but i love the green heart!!

  19. I’m guessing 31 pairs. Probably not all completely 100% a match but good neough 😉

    I really like the bookmark – please enter me for that 🙂


  20. I think there’s a lot – how about 71 !
    I’d love the heart charm please.

  21. I’m going to have to take a punt at 25 pairs of socks!

    After my doggy decided to eat my last one, I’d love the bookmark charm :o)


  22. 45
    the christmas tree one please x

  23. I think there’s 44 pairs! I could probably triple that amount at least with having five kids! Currently I drawer of sorted socks, I bag of sorted socks and 4 carrier bags exploding at the seams, screaming to be sorted socks. Any offers!


    oh and if I win I’d like the green charm, very pretty 🙂

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