Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness – a Review & a Giveaway

Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness – a Review and a Giveaway!

Whilst wandering the online alleyways and cul-de-sacs of Twitter and Facebook, I have come across a number of shops and suppliers I’ve been particularly impressed with.  Ella Bean Clothing was one such shop, and Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness is another.  I’ve decided her lovely home-crafted items are worth telling other people about, so here goes!

Over the years I’ve become a little jaded with high street shops, they all seem to sell the same things, which is frankly boring.  Thats why I love little independent shops, they are different!  You can find one off items that you will never find anywhere else, often custom made.  From my experience, small online shops tend to produce very well made items and excel when it comes to customer service and delivery – because they genuinely care about their reputation.  Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness is no exception!

I think one of the first things I noticed about Claire is her friendly attitude.  I’ve enquired about products, material and availability of items, and she’s always replied almost immediately with appropriate links, prices etc.  If you have queries Claire is always happy to help, which is nice.  If you’ve ever tried to get information about a product online from one of the bigger international stores, you’ll no doubt  have found it’s like getting getting blood out of a stone.  From my own experience, you have to fill in a contact form, then you get an email saying they’ve got your email, then you have to wait for a response from them – all of which can take days, which is infuriating if it’s coming up to Christmas and you’re trying to sort out a last minute present.  Totally unlike Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness.  You can make enquiries via her Facebook / Folksy page, or via Twitter @ClaireMackaness and actually get a quick, friendly informative replies about any of her lovely individually crafted items.

I’ve bought a few Christmas and birthday presents from Claire’s store, and have found them all to be beautifully made, exquisite designs.  Personally I think this particular store is fabulous for finding Christmas presents for people who are notoriously difficult to buy for.   Beautiful Things has a number of quirky little items you’d struggle to find anywhere else, that are  really practical.  For example I’ve bought a poop-scoop bag, which is a cute little fabric bag with a velcro strap which straps to a belt or dog lead, and which can be used to store plastic bags in for poop scooping.  A fabulous little gift for a dog owner I thought! I couldn’t resist buying myself an iPhone case either – although I don’t think my iPhone appreciates the present as it’s run off and hidden somewhere in my house and can no longer be found.  Which is annoying to say the least. I digress as usual.

Beautiful Things stock gorgeous accessories too.  These little poppy style brooches caught my eye, I’ve bought three of them for various relatives and they     are just as eyecatching in real life as they are in the photograph.  (I say that tongue in cheek, I haven’t worked out how to resize photos properly so this       does not do the brooches justice at all – they are rouched silky red material flowers, with felted woolen spiralled centres with sparkling beads to dazzle         the eye – gorgeous!)  These are just a couple of the Beautiful things by Claire Mackaness that I noticed, there are many more things I’ve got my eye on for     the New Year for various presents / anniversaries; and I’d advise any reader to have a nosey around Claire’s well stocked, reasonably priced, promptly         delivered, bespoke items.

This week and the first week of December are the last dates that Claire can take orders in time for Christmas, so if you are interested in anything, get your skates on!

Claire has kindly offered to run a giveaway for one of these!  It’s just what you need for cold dog walks, or frosty school runs.  A handwarmer.  You   know you want one!  If you’d like the chance to own one of these, please comment and click ‘Sign me up!’ for further updates and I’ll enter you in the competition.  To make things interesting for other readers, maybe you could mention another online shop that you’ve bought from and can recommend?  Or not, it’s up to you.  A simple ‘hello’ will suffice!

43 responses to “Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness – a Review & a Giveaway

  1. Yes please enter me into your lovely giveaway. @jadlgw xx

  2. I was just checking these out about an hour ago! She has such gorgeous things on her site, I love the doggy doo bag holders and her crayon holders! I’m just trying to think who I can buy for!

    Great post as usual. x

  3. Oh oh oh I forgot to mention my love for the handbag teabag holder too! You’re so right wee independent shops are fab and so different.x

  4. I can definitely recommend the tea bag holder, I bought one for my mum and she loves it. I got to choose the material too. You’d never get that kind of choice in a high street shop would you :O)

  5. Ideal for out on a cold day.x

  6. They look lovely, what a fab way to keep warm. Thanks for the giveaway. x

  7. thanks for a great giveaway x

  8. Simply gorgeous way to keep warm. Lovely.

  9. Ooh, ooh, I want to enter! What a lovely selection she has on her site 🙂

  10. nicci cowdell-murray

    please enter me into the giveaway

  11. ooh yes baby enter me… In your competition that is. Sorry I just lowered the tone @slaptarze

  12. forgot to tick the box. Sorry. Done now.

  13. Fantabulous xx

    Please could i entered into your giveaway xx

  14. yes I would love to be entered into the handwarmer giveaway. I won’t mention my own site ;o) but I love Peanut and Pip!!

  15. What pretty handwarmers – great for when walking the dog.

    I found a website which sold crafts from a variety of peeps and different types from knitted, sewn, candles etc etc and had it in my favourites. however when my laptop died, my favourites went and I can’t for the life of me think what it was called. If anyone has any idea (I could have sworn it started with an M but that could mean anything with me!), I’d be grateful for the suggestion too.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  16. Ooh how have I not found your blog before?!!

  17. I’ve found it!!

  18. Please enter me. I’ve been following Claire for a while and these handwarmers are on my Xmas wishlist. Some more masculine ones and I could buy them for my entire family when they go to watch the local rugby team (not me obviously, I’d rather be warm at home with a cuppa).

    These would be perfect to pop in my pockets when doing the nursery one. if you speak to Claire, ask her if she has any intentions of making similar, but sock shaped for welly warmers (and yes, I did say ‘Welly’).

    One of my fave shops I’ve featured on my blog is Daisy Chain Baby for ethical kids clothes. I also love discovering new Etsy and Folksy sellers.

    Thanks for the giveaway hun. Hoping I can subscribe now and follow you like a sheep.

  19. Lucy @pied_wagtail

    brilliant. i’ve got raynauds disease & these sorts of things are a godsend to people like me.
    An online shop that i’ve bought from? i’ve bought of the newlook website recently but tbh i get most stuff off amazon / ebay!

  20. Please can i be entered into the draw? My favourite online shop is Emma Bridgewater.

    Thank you for the great giveaway.

  21. Hi, those handwarmers look really nice. One of my favourite online shops at the moment is – love the candle tarts and they do christmas flavours!! 😀


  22. OOh I’ve been following Claire for a long time now. Those hand warmers are such a great idea! Perhaps I can use for them for little girl who refuses to wear gloves? If I don’t win, I may just have to buy some!

    Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats on the new platform 🙂

  23. Yay I have signed up, thanks I need these now indoors with the heating on never mind going for a walk outside brrrrrrr.

  24. Like your new blog and thanks for the giveaway. Can I enter please? @ali991

  25. Ooo please enter me! I’m always so cold this time of year with the dog walking and commuting!

    My favourite online shop is notonthehighstreet – I could spend all day browsing!

    Have subscribed too. 🙂

  26. Just reading your blog, I am very impressed. My son (who is Autistic and loves flowers!)would love the hand warmers we always have a problem with gloves ,if we don’t win I might have to invest in those. I am going to look around on Claires site now and see if there is any inspirations for presents for a difficult to buy for teenage daughter.

  27. always seem to have some really nice candles
    please enter me in the giveaway

  28. Yes please to the giveaway,just the thing for dogwalking:0)

  29. Please enter me in the draw, I use a lot of different store but one of my favourites is @misslongstockin

  30. Ooh, it won’t let me like this, hope I’ve not broken anything. Loving the blogs as usual.

  31. I rather like, they have so many kookie gifts, they always deliver quickly and usually get a money of voucher with them too.

    Great Blog btw..x

  32. They most definatly are Beautiful Things 🙂


  33. Hi there! Yes please enter me. I don’t have a dog 😦 however I have the worlds longest school run, ahem, I do honest! So these would come in useful. I do alot of internet shopping – I especially would recommend @silverbirchbags on twitter – lovely lady who make really fab things!

  34. As dear old Dad always said to me always take something warm to wear when you go out as Mad Dogs & Englishmen go out in the mid day sun, idiots go out in bleak mid winter

  35. am i allowed to be entered being your sister and all?

  36. Please enter me!
    I got some lovely earrings recently from Steel Orchid if you’re interested!

  37. I am @timtamsat on twitter .These hand warmers,would also warm the cockles!

  38. They look fab an soooo cosy… love ur opening line – while wandering the online alleyways an cu-de-sacs, mind if i use that :0)

  39. Hiya,

    These would be used alot! I cycle to/from work and oh my gosh i get cold hands, even with gloves! Also we often go to rugby and stand still watching for a lonnnnnnnnggg time!

    I am following blog, and my twitter name is juliejesta


  40. Would love some of these in this weather! I recently went looking for secret santa gifts and love I want one of (@LuckyThing13)


  41. Priscilla Christine Stubbs

    Would be delighted if you could enter me in your giveaway

  42. I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i think that your blog can be an exception. Cheers !

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