New Beginnings!


I have finally made the jump!  I hope my readers have made the jump with me? Is there anyone out there?!!  **shouts into echoey twitter-cave**

No more adverts, sparse backgrounds, ‘orrible text and awful un-navigable menus.  This is the new, improved Brink of Bedlam blog!

Hopefully I’ll suss out the photo formatting, tags, technical mumbo-jumbo soon enough too.  If not, I’m sure you’ll find it entertaining to see me muck up anyhoos.  ‘God loves a trier’ or some other such words of wisdom.  I’ll get my head round it in the end.  Please bear with me while I do!

Just to keep you informed, I have in the pipeline further every day anecdotes and journal entries, even more reviews planned (one for a very lovely online craft shop and another for an innovative and exciting hoover  – just call me Hyacinth Bouquet from now on…), a blog about sweets (licks lips) and another ‘I Want My Jam!’ stylee campaign.  That’s just for starters.  Onwards and upwards!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you’ll continue to read, laugh and precariously balance along the Brink of Bedlam with me.   Please do ‘Follow’ this blog by clicking on the ‘Sign Me Up!’ button.  It’s nice to have company.  :O) x


17 responses to “New Beginnings!

  1. Oh bliss, I’mgoing to be able to read you without sitting through an ad for something I wasn’t ever going to buy!

  2. Hello, I’m stalking you on here now, lol, good luck with the new blog, I look forward to reading more of your hysterical blogs xxxxxx @jadlgw

  3. hellooooo (echoes back)

  4. Hello! I’d follow you anywhere (for sweets).

    Love the new look x

  5. Hiiii, looking forward to reading your new blog. 😀

  6. Is there a prize for followers? Only joking hon – you make me realise that my life is normal, well as normal as your one, which makes me feel better.


    Have finally managed it.

  8. Hi, look forward to reading your posts. K

  9. oops! Need to post again to subscribe.

  10. Woohooooo! Hellooooooo! xx

  11. Congrats! It look fab…Well Done!

  12. Hope you’re very happy in your new home.xx

  13. Wow, looks nice, looking forward to seeing what news you have to share with us, sure you will do really well with it here.

  14. Very smart Kay!! I love your blog, I really do. Im going to attemp to subscribe! x

  15. Looking forward to reading your posts x

  16. Thought you could get away from me did you!
    It’s looking good – love your banner. Save me some apple crumble.


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