Fighting with Zombies

Joy of joys!  Poor  D has got a horrible sick bug.  She spent most of last night throwing up, so I slept in the spare bed in her room and kept her company.  The night before that I slept in my own bed, and the two nights before that I slept on S’s floor because he’s been ill with an awful cough and high temperatures.  I felt very sorry for both of them.  Having said that I felt and still feel quite sorry for myself too. I miss sleep.  Can someone please remind me of what it is and how to ‘sleep’, because I seem to have forgotten.

I seem to spend vast amounts of time clearing up horribleness due to potty training too, but the less said about that the better. You don’t wanna know!

In addition to this we have an elderly cat who keeps vomming, and although I think the world of our pusscat, I’m finding it hard not to think he’s vomming vindictively.  His last target was our bed and our duvet – and his target last week was S’s duvet.  This is handily coupled with our heating becoming knackered, so duvets could not be washed  as they could be dried outside in monsoon weather and cannot be dried inside with no radiators.  S is tucked up in bed in an unzipped sleeping bag, and OH and I are using spare duvets until we can find a launderette at the weekend.  Or maybe we could just go and sleep in a tent, poor S is virtually camping already.

A gas engineer came today and fixed our heating, so that has helped a great deal.  We have a warm house instead of one potentially inhabited by polar bears and penguins.  It has been so cold these last few days!  Having said that, the engineer said that regulations have now changed and our air vent is not big enough now and we need to have it enlarged or stop using the gas fire – so that needs dealing with asap.  I may just burn the furniture instead, he didn’t say not to do that.

It has been raining in through the back window, and I don’t mean drips, I mean pitter patter rain.  Living at the top of a huge hill prone to high wind and driving rain, is not ideal for old, crappy windows.  The leak from the bathroom has led to plaster coming loose on the walls in the living room, and we’ve had to remove black mould and spray copious amounts of Mould and Mildew remover at it to try and get it to stop.  The good news is, I’m thinking of growing mushrooms in the corner.  I’m all for home-grown veg!  We were having horrendous difficulty finding a plumber, but I finally managed to get hold of one today and he’s hopefully going to sort the leak on Friday.  If they can’t fix the leak, I think in future I will make sure everyone just goes into the back yard with a bar of soap and stands in the rain to wash.  Problem solved!

The cooker supplied by the lurvely Homebase is still shorting the entire house, they were supposed to send someone round today with a spare part, but no-one turned up.  Gits.  I hope they send the same person round who came to look at the cooker originally, he was funny.  I commented that the cooker always shorted the house when I cooked sausages on the grill, and maybe the cooker didn’t like sausages.  The poor guy looked at me sideways and said ‘It’s nothing to do with what you’re cooking on it, love’ and looked puzzled.  I think I must have looked amazed at his reaction and slowly a smile spread across his face and he said ‘Ah….(long pause)……’re being facetious aren’t you…’  I said I was and he continued to prod the grill.  I didn’t make polite conversation after that.

Our dishwasher broke yesterday too.  Not because I used washing up liquid instead of dishwasher tabs though, that’s another story entirely – let me just say there was a LOT of froth in that instance.  I may as well recite the tale, I’ve told half of it now.  You see I ran out of dishwasher tabs and Fairy Liquid seemed the obvious choice.  I didn’t dare tell OH I’d done it, and had to keep sneaking into the kitchen to wipe up the bubbles oozing out of the bottom of the dishwasher.  He came up to bed after me and I have a vague recollection of him muttering about the dishwasher making wierd noises, beeping lots when it had finished and being filled with bubbles.  I think I sniggered.   I had to admit to it the next day when I publicly announced my idiocy on Facebook.  OH was thankfully amused and the dishwasher did work afterwards.  Until day before yesterday when a bit fell off the inside of the door.  Can I just stress, that was nothing to do with me, it was not my fault.   Nobody saw me do anything, you can’t prove anything.  

We can’t get out of the backdoor either, which is nice.  The weather has been so damp that it has swollen the wood up.  It is a stable door, so I can at least open the top bit to shout ‘Help!’ out of.   (I’m getting a bit sick of everything dropping in bits you see).  OH decided to open the door at the weekend and had to shut it by kicking it really hard and using a hammer.  That’s not normal is it?

The handle was falling off the front door too, but my dad took pity on me and bought one and put it on for me.  So that was fabulous.  I say ‘Yay for parents!’.  So it’s not all bad news. 

I’ve lost my iPhone in the house somewhere too, or should I say my kids have shoved it down the back of the sofa or in a random box in the bottom of a dark, dark, box….in a dark, dark, cellar,…….in a dark, dark, wood etc etc etc.  Needless to say, I can’t find the damn thing anywhere and it is gutting as I recently bought myself a gorgeous new iPhone case, but have nothing to put in it (sobs).

Lots of little niggles that have built up to big ‘Raaarghs.’  In the grand scheme of things I shouldn’t really let things like this bother me, but I have let them bother me and I have been struggling recently.  Pathetic really.  I have a loving husband, beautiful kids and so many things in my favour.  I should count my blessings – which is what I have been trying to do.

The nice lady at NHS Direct was very sympathetic when I rang and had a meltdown down the phone, and I can only say how wonderful and reassuring random strangers can be.  I don’t know who she was, I can’t remember her name, but she listened and was calm and helpful.  If any of my blog readers work for NHS Direct, and this  sounds familiar.  Thank you! x

As mums I think we’re expected to cope and carry lots of things, physically and mentally for our children – and the winning combo of sleeplessness teamed with everyday pressures is enough to nudge us over the edge sometimes.  Or maybe that’s just me.  The other day I had a dream which I think typified how I’ve been feeling recently.  I don’t often remember my dreams, but when I do they tend to be long, complicated, adventure type dreams where I’m running away, or hunting for something, or trekking around strange places.  This last one was about zombies – they’d taken over the world and I was trying to escape from them.  Only it was a very short dream, because I simply turned round to a bunch of the half-deads and said ‘Go on then, bite me.  I can’t be arsed to fight you off anymore’.  Talk about apathy!  

I casually mentioned this on Twitter the other day (as you do!) and someone said that kind of apathy isn’t good enough when it comes to zombies.  You apparently need a chainsaw to deal with them.   So, I intend to get one and fight off my zombies, or my personal demons or whatever you want to call them.  I’m not going to let a bunch of stupid everyday, things-that-don’t-matter-really issues bother me.  I’ll have to get me a chainsaw!

(at this point I now start to worry that you’re now doing a ‘gas-engineer’ on me, and are now worrying that I’m going to go out and get a chainsaw and go hunt fictitious zombies…..I’m not really!  It’s just a turn of phrase midear)

One response to “Fighting with Zombies

  1. Crappy time
    Blimey love it’s all happening to you. Well is can only get better!??!! sorry to hear about all the crappiness

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