Sani Hands Review – Cleansing Hand Wipes

 Sani Hands – Cleansing Hand Wipes

Before you ask, no I’m not OCD when it comes to clean hands, it just so happens that the lovely people at Sani-Hands sent me a sample to review, and it is just a co-incidence that I have also reviewed other wet wipes.  Well, go on then, just call me the wet wipe girl!  Does anyone else want me to review wet wipes?  Anyone?  Anyone?….

The thing is, it’s not an especially interesting subject really is it.  I wonder how many of you jumped on this link with a beating heart and thought, I MUST read up on wet wipes.  But, it is a very practical subject, and especially so when you have kids and when it is this time of year, and all and sundry seem to be coming down with colds.

Every now and then I take my kids to a wacky warehouse style place in this area, and they go out and have a load of fun, and invariably come home with some bug or other.  I swear those places are breeding grounds for the norovirus.  I always try to remember to get the kids to wash their hands when they come home – but considering they usually have something to eat there and D sometimes sucks her thumb (poor love can’t get out of the habit), the damage has probably already been done by then. This is a prime example of where antibacterial cleansing wipes are a godsend.   You can use them whilst the kids are still on the go, you don’t have to badger them into going to the loos to wash their hands.

This particular little pack of 12 has been everywhere with me, rolling around in the bottom of my handbag.  I shan’t take a picture of what the packet looks like now as I fear it would not be fair on Sani Hands and their reputation to do so, it is a shadow of its former self.  My son raided the packet and ripped the bit where you get the wipes out and it is now cellotaped rather than being sealed with a handy waterproof seal.  (resists the urge to come up with random seal joke ….arf…arf).  The cellotape isn’t half as effective as a proper seal, but what can you do!

They are very clever little wipes in that they are spotty, which is certainly a new concept for me.  The tiny spots are blue and slightly raised up, which is great as they do help to remove actual grime, rather than just invisible germs and surface level stickiness for example, they actually have a bit of grip on the muck so to speak.  They smell nice too, not too strong or overpowering.  I particularly like the small packet, it’s just really convenient and slots into a handbag very easily – although the wipes themselves could maybe do with being a bit bigger to deal with really mucky faces and hands. 

My main concerns are that these wipes contain Methylparaben and Propylparaben, having also reviewed HalosNHorns products I am aware of some of the risks that may be (I stress ‘may be’) associated with prolonged use of parabens.  I have sensitive skin and I wonder if I used this product for any length of time if I’d end up with rashes.  So far so good though!

There’s also no mention on the packet on the subject of animal testing, a subject that is close to many people’s hearts. 

All in all, a very practical product and one I may well buy again.  The raised spots are a brilliant idea for really mucky hands and faces and if they stop us getting the dreaded sick bug then I’m all for them! 

Here’s a link to their website which explains a little more about their product.  SANI-HANDS – Anti-bacterial Cleansing Hand Wipes


2 responses to “Sani Hands Review – Cleansing Hand Wipes

  1. I always take them with me when out, great for the kids

    • Hiya, thanks for commenting! They are useful little wipes. Just to let you know, further blogs / reviews are going to be posted on a new, improved Brink of Bedlam blog. Come and have a nosey, I’d be glad of the company :O) ( Just cut and paste this link into your browser)

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