‘Swimming & Silliness & Sentimentality versus Reality’

Swimming girl pool leaves 

Today it was my turn for a lie in so I snoozed till 10.30pm. Heaven! I could hear the kids downstairs with their dad, and all the yelling and shouting and laughing and banging around – I didn’t have to supervise them, or feed them or anything. I love my lie ins.

Eventually I got up, ambled downstairs and had breakfast and a lovely, scalding hot cup of tea. On school days I usually manage to gulp down half a cup of lukewarm tea – I always feel cheated. So, yes, I love lazy Saturday mornings with toast and a brew.

By lunchtime I’d got dressed and D and I headed out to the swimming baths. Earlier this week I missed D’s swimming lessons because I’d simply lost her swimming costume. It turned up shoved in the bottom of S’s pushchair. Anyway, she missed her swimming lesson because I’d been an idiot, so today I made up for it and took her myself.

We arrived, got changed and I very gingerly climbed into the freezing water. Daisy is a much tougher cookie than me, she wasn’t bothered at all about the temperature; I, on the other hand, am a complete wuss. I also hate swimming. A couple of years ago I swam the distance of the channel, over a period of three months and I swam so much I think I made myself swimming-pool-phobic.

Anyway! D loved it, and I did eventually – once I’d stopped shivering. D swam a width and I was very proud. We had fun trekking up and down the pool – me walking up and down the pool with her piggybackingand inadvertently near-drowning me. I noticed the pool attendant watching us and I think it was more to check I didn’t drown than to check D was ok. D kept getting over enthusiastic and jumped up and down on my back. Great fun for her, mouthfuls of water for me!

We managed to get hold of one of the huge square floats they give out. Fabulous stuff. I hauled D onto the float as best I could and then she tried to stand up. Every time she fell over with a huge splash and I dragged her up out of the water. It was lovely to laugh and muck about like a 5 year old. When I’ve been swimming with friends we’ve always just swum up and down, all respectable like, and it’s nice, but it’s nothing compared to splashing around like a mad thing. To my shame, I actually ended up trying to climb onto the float too, although I couldn’t get to the standing up bit, or even the kneeling bit to be honest. I just tended to haul myself onto it and then me and the float would tip slowly backwards while I giggled loads and flailed about. Very immature, but who gives a damn!

There was a lovely moment when me and D were clinging onto the side of the pool. A shaft of sunlight came through the window, right where we were. Daisy commented that it was lovely how the light shimmered (I think that was the word she used) on her arms and on the side of the pool with the reflections from the water. What a sweet little observation. It seems far too easy to just run around in ever decreasing circles ‘organising’ the kids and not ever taking the time to actually listen to them.

We clambered out of the baths and walked home with our hair soggy and chlorine soaked.  Once back, we set off to see my sister’s new house. She’s moving and is in the midst of the chaos. I commented that it was nice that she’d prioritised the Cake, which puzzled her a little. Instead of plain cardboard boxes, my sis has used boxes from her work, all of which are labelled ‘Cake’ if you view them from the side. That’s what I call sensible packing. Who needs boxes labelled with boring things like ‘kitchen’ or ‘ornaments,’ when you can simply pretend they’re all full of Cake.

H (sister) and I stood looking out the window at my two kids and their two cousins playing in the new back garden, chucking autumn leaves everywhere. I had a sentimental moment, and said ‘Aren’t they playing well, we’re so lucky to have such great kids!’ At that very moment D started yelling at her brother for nicking her leaves – as if there weren’t enough of them! S then decided to take his annoyance out on his older cousin, quite literally grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking it. Cousin started shouting and the idyllic picture was shattered.  I ran out into the garden doing my shouty mum thing. Floods of tears ensued and we took that as our cue to leave.

I am prone to being overly sentimental, problem being, reality shatters it all too quickly. No sooner do the kids look cute, than they start hitting each other with sticks or something.

And on that note, I’m calling it a day!  To summarise, D and I spent some quality time together without her brother harassing her for a change; S decided he’d like to remove Tyler’s scalp; I got all soppy about kids and then got reminded all too quickly that they’re little monsters in cute kid costumes sometimes.  End of! Speaking of which….

I’d just like to say thank you to Simon Blake for allowing me to guest blog this week, and thank you to his readers and mine for accompanying me on my marathon blogging mission! I hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews and the waffle, and that you’ll visit both the Bloggity Blog and The Brink of Bedlam once again. I supply virtual tea and biscuits on demand on my blog on a virtual comfy sofa too by the way…. ;O)


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  1. This has got to win a prize for one of the most badly presented blogs ever to grace LiveJournal. Sorry. It’s too late and I cannot be arsed to muck about with it anymore. Maybe tomorrow!

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