Blogger’s Block

Blogger’s Block!
(Guest blogged on @sim999’s blog too!)

A quick mindless blog, from a mindless blogger. This evening I’m afraid I’m all blogged out. I have never managed a week’s worth of blogs before and my brain is bashed and bruised from brainstorming blog topics.

Apologies in advance! I need to blog for 300 words, so according to Word I have another 240 to come up with. The temptation is to try and come up with as many words that begin with ‘B’ to follow on from the aBove paragraph – with this being a ‘Blog’ this is at least appropriate. One very rude one comes to mind, but I shan’t put that for fear of censorship. Instead I shall resort to ‘Badger’ ‘Brie’ ‘Brick’ and ‘Big’ and erm……(racks brains)…..’Biggles?’ (I haven’t thought about that book for about a ‘Billion’ years, dunno where that came from!

I think I have ‘Bloggers Block’ which actually sounds far more impressive than ‘Writers Block’ due to the neat alliteration. So here you are…a full on demonstration of the ‘Block’ in question….see blank space to follow.

Good wasn’t it. An actual physical representation of what is going on in my head. A mixture of fresh air, space and non-inspiration neatly encapsulated on a small piece of page.

It’s not that I haven’t done anything today, it’s just that I’m struggling to string a sentence together in any kind of logical order. Let me try….. I’m afraid you may have to concentrate in order to make sense of these.

‘Swimming I went.’ (Actually, that sounds almost ‘Yoda-esque’)

‘Training-toilet I did Horrid’ (and it was!)

And that is about the sum total of my day. There were brief periods of Pingu, and cups of tea, but nothing more exciting than that.

S poked himself in the eye with a stick and caused me to worry unnecessarily for a while. D ate all her dinner. Very exciting.

Tomorrow I plan to blog properly and with gusto and enthusiasm! Watch this space…this space right here though, not the blank space up there – it’s not very interesting.


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