Ups and Downs!

Ups and Downs!

Today’s blog entry is an overview of my week to record for posterity. When I’m old and grey and look back on the kids’ younger years with rose-tinted glasses, I want to remind myself of how it really was.

Yesterday I wasn’t woken up by an alarm clock, I was simply jolted out of sleep as D raced up the attic stairs shouting ‘Mum, he’s been throwing poo at me!’ I groaned, rolled out of bed and crawled downstairs with D listing a huge catalogue of terrible things S had done, toothpaste on teddies, chucking her toys on the floor etc etc.

I think S knew he was in trouble because I couldn’t find him at first, and then I noticed the duvet on D’s floor heaving about a bit and a foot sticking out. He got a severe telling off and I had to change all D’s sheets and get the Dettol out. Luckily it wasn’t quite as bad as I imagined, but it was bad enough!

Poor D is putting up with a hell of a lot at the moment. Today I left the room and returned to find S threatening D with the pepperpot – and I’m talking arm raised aggressively, with her holding her hand over her face in case he went for her. Not funny at all to be honest. Just downright worrying.

I told him off and put him on the naughty step for a while, while he raged at me and tried to slap me. I love being a mum, I really do. But today I had enough! Terrible twos! Terrible, terrifying, torturous, twos more like. I long for the ‘Threes’ to arrive. I’m hoping they’ll be easier, and if you’re a parent and know otherwise – just don’t tell me! I’d rather just hope in ignorance thank you very much.

What really tipped me over the edge earlier this week was something really stupid. I was late, I wanted to put some washing in, but couldn’t. The washing machine couldn’t be opened because of a pile of washing just in front of it; I couldn’t move the washing without moving the chair that had been put on top of it, and S was stood on it refusing to get down and was happily shouting aggressive gibberish at me. I just wanted to cry. It just gets so frustrating not being able to do the simplest of tasks.

Our cat has had enough of our son this week too. S seems to have a thing for moisturiser cream. I suffer from excema so constantly have the stuff next to my computer desk or generally lying around (should keep it out the way really) as I need to remember to apply it as often as possible. Anyway…S keeps getting hold of it and oozing the stuff all over the place – including the cat. So we’ve had the green kitty episode and now we have the moisturised kitty episode. Kitty was not amused – I was, against my will of course.

The problem is that this fascination with moisturiser cream is combined with a love of the expresso coffee in the fridge. Recently we’ve really struggled to stop him from raiding the fridge and have resorted to putting bolts on the kitchen door to keep him out of the kitchen when I have to leave the room. The other day I forgot and returned to the front room where thought he’d be happily still watching Pingu, instead I found piles of espresso coffee scattered around the living room like mole hills – including a particularly large pile on OH’s computer chair, where S had previously plastered moisturiser. Coffee sticks to moisturiser pretty effectively I’ve found. OH has to now sit on a chair that looks like, well…. like someone’s had a terrible accident on it.

I’ve just had enough this week. Tonight I decided to bath S before bed, S did not want to be bathed! He screamed and struggled while I undressed him – cried hysterically and tried to clamber out of the bath whilst I washed him – then he yelled and screamed and tried to climb back in the bath while I tried to dry him. I eventually got him back in his room and tried to get him into his pyjamas – whereupon he fought me and undressed himself as fast as I could dress him. Then he proceeded to slap me whilst I was putting his pyjamas on so I said he was not going to have his usual breast feed (only has one feed a day now, trying to wean him off it). Cue absolute hysteria! He threw books, he refused to climb into bed, he went mad. Eventually I calmed him down, and we both ended up sat in bed sobbing – him curled up in my arms saying ‘Sorry mummy’ over and over again. He is so incredibly frustrated at not being able to do what he wants, and I can so understand how he feels sometimes.

On a more postitive note, I found out this week that my daughter is to be put in the year above to study maths, because she is so good at it. I may be boasting, but frankly, I don’t care! I am so unbelievably proud of my little love. She certainly doesn’t get her talents from me. Having failed GCSE maths three times, even with private tuition, I’m now beginnng to wonder if the fairies secretly swapped her when she was a baby. How can any child of mine be good at maths? I can’t add anything over ten without having to take my shoes and socks off and count my toes. If she’s doing so well, maybe I’m doing something right after all. I certainly hope so. Fingers and toes crossed.

This is how I’ve felt all week! 


8 responses to “Ups and Downs!

  1. It will pass
    Oh hun, bless you.
    The terrible twos certainly are just that. It will get better, but it is extremely difficult to see a way out when you’re in the midst of it.
    My DD talks well for her age, and can usually explain herself very well, but when she gets in a screaming kicking rage its hard for her to explain. One day, mid tantrum as I was asking her what was wrong (while shielding myself and dodging missiles) she blurted out “I feel difficult”. Well, yes, she was being difficult, but suddenly I understood what she meant – that she was frustrated. So now, she knows if its feeling a bit difficult she should cuddle me as hard as she can. certainly this is an improvement on kicking me as hard as she can. Doesn’t work everytime, but mostly.
    Don’t know if that helps at all, but I hope so. Not sure what to do about the cat though :0) xx

    • Re: It will pass
      You have made me cry, in the nicest possible way. He even threw one of his wooden bricks at me today, hard and from behind me. It hit the cupboard next to me at about knee level. He could so easily hurt me or his sister, he is so absolutely seething with annoyance at not being able to do everything he wants to. Driving me and the family quietly mad. His sister is being harassed to death too. Like you say though, it will pass! (grits teeth) thank you xxx

  2. I love your blog, soooo funny! I get broody on the rare occasion and your blog knocks me into sense! Love kids but don’t know how I’d cope having my own. I’m doing this anonymously cos didn’t know if you’d take it the wrong way!

    • God no! You’re well on track there! As if I’d take it the wrong way! lol! I have to put up with my kids now because I can’t send them back, lol! (not that I would, I’d just return them as faulty and ask for them fixing and returning pls) Thanks for commenting :O)

  3. This made me cry! I breastfed til 5yo was 19 months and remember the 2s clearly. Lots of – ‘leave the room until you can say sorry’ stuff. No sibling so can only empathise with that pressure. Exhaustion was the one thing that made it all difficult to laugh at. Can you get some rest? (lock the door,turn off the phone and get your head down when they go to sleep)
    Love the blog, so well worded – keep it to look back at – (nice 18th pressie!)-I used to write a diary every night, just so I realised I had actually done something with my day! Daughter is almost 6 and oh how grown up she is, quite incredible to see her develop. Parenting is such a rewarding and taxing job, it stretches you every day and just when you thing you have the hang of it, the child goes to the next level and you have to run to catch up. Enjoy the madness and Mayhem!

    • Thanks so much for commenting, and I’m sorry if I made your cry! It’s just being a parent is just so flipping emotionally draining sometimes isn’t it. Not that, that is a bad thing. It’s all the fun of the fair so to speak, lol! Just wondered who you are? I’d hate for you to tweet and for me not to recognise you. When my daughter was born, my grandma held her for the first time, and said ‘You should treasure these times’, her words really struck a chord and so I kept a diary too, for the full first year, and on and off ever since. I think it’s a lovely thing to store up memories for rainy days, if you see what I mean. I’ll read out the potty training blogs on his 18th birthday, (evil grin)

  4. Your blog brings a tear to my eye, going through the same trauma with my 2yo son, he is the most adorable boy, but turns into a monster on occassion where he launches anything (and everything) screams like a banshee and generally makes me wonder where on earth he came from! I realise the rage he displays is all due to the fact he is desperate to be an independent little person, even if he is not actually capable of doing so..yet..but it is hard. This morning we had a disagreement over what he was eating for breakfast, I ended up wearing it.. This evening, he dug out the old tea bags from the bin and ‘decorated’ his cars (and the carpet..!) with the contents.. As for trying to do the housework..yes he likes to ‘help’ but his shouts of ‘ME, ME’ as he empties the entire contents of the washing powder into the drum…hahah yes..not altogether helpful!
    Your blog is lovely 🙂

    • That means a lot to me, more than you know ! Thank you (hugs). It is so unbelievably difficult to remain calm and patient in the face of an irrational, hyperactive two year old isn’t it. Well, like the above poster said, this is all ammunition for the future, lol! :O)

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