“Everyone was ‘Delighted’ with their Jam jars!”

I decided I would reply to the friendly, courteous letter sent by Antoni, as I felt slightly put out that he implied I was the only one who wasn’t ‘delighted’ with my jam jar.    Obviously I should have been more grateful, normal people do apparently love drinking from jam jars…..

Hello Antoni!

Thank you very much for your courteous and friendly response,

I’d just like to congratulate you on ‘delighting’ your twitter followers with your prohibition based jam jar giveaway. @Kikicomp won, but never received her jam jar and decided not to chase her prize after reading the ecstatic tweets from other Twitter users who were overjoyed at receiving such quality merchandise, wrapped in such an extravagant manner. @MrsTracey1972 (possibly had a different username at the time) thought her jam jar was far too classy to drink from and instead used it to store plant food. @Missielizzieb was ‘disappointed,’ although I think we can take that as sub-text for ‘disappointed I didn’t win more jam-jars and then I could have had my own jam jar glassware collection to show off to my friends.’ @Mazzz32 (possibly Madbird at the time) immediately put her jam jar in the bin as it was so obviously expensive she thought it might attract burglars. As for myself, I was delighted too in a kind of ‘I have a new baby, haven’t slept for a week, the cat’s been sick, and someone’s just sent me an empty jam jar in an expensive booze box’ kind of way. Everyone I knew who had won, was ‘delighted.’ I’m presuming you received emails from other ‘delighted’ winners too?

I think it’s lovely that you decided to use jam jar glasses at your Speakeasy events. I’m sure that everyone thought it was quirky and that it added an unusual and historical touch to the evening. Having said that, it is a shame that your guests didn’t telepathically inform your twitter followers about the drinking custom – because I think it’s fair to say that 99.9% of your new found Twitter mates thought you were giving away jam, because only insane people, and very, very desperate people drink out of jam jars in this country. (Personally, I thought the straw in your picture was a spoon by the way) So, you simply cannot say that because you were running and tweeting about Speakeasy events, your followers should automatically assume drinking from jam jars is de riguer. If I went down my local pub and asked for a shot of Bourbon in a jam jar someone would no doubt pat me on the head, hand me a strong black coffee, call me a cab and send me home whilst telling me to cut out strong liquer and mixing drinks. It’s not normal! Do you drink from jam jars? You have to appreciate, we were bound to be confused.

Finally, I just want to thank Holly for being so friendly and understanding. She really took my email to heart and replied with sympathy and insight. I hope she enjoys making the jam recipe I forwarded to her, it was the least I could do after she’d been so helpful.

By the way, I noticed your tweet about blogging for Four Roses Bourbon. I’d be happy to help out if you’re still looking for volunteers, I’ve enclosed a link to the blog if you’d like to have a look? http://chaoskay1.livejournal.com/2010/09/27/


Kay :O)


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