Fabulous, Friendly, (Frosty?) Customer Service @ Four_RosesB

Fabulous, Friendly (Frosty) Customer Service from @Four_RosesB 

In reference to my previous post, I had this lovely response from the very friendly, slightly icy, Holly from Four_RosesB.

Afternoon Kay,Empty Jam Jar
Apologies for my previous email, I had been told you needed a Jam Jar, without seeing your original email.

The competition was ran for Four Roses lovers who might have enjoyed having a piece of Four Roses glassware at home. The prize was advertised as it should be used, not an unusual advertising method. The competition was not to win a bottle of Four Roses, and certainly not jam. The idea of jam jar glasses is rooted in the moonshine drinking of America, where Four Roses originates from, it has actually nothing to do with jam. You will not be receiving any jam. Should you come across whiskey jam, please let us know, we would love to try some.

As to being disappointed by the gift, it was a completely voluntary competition, though I apologise if the packaging unintentionally excited your anticipation of something greater than what you actually received.

In response.

Thank you for your prompt response!

I have found a fabulous recipe for Marmalade and Whisky Jam that I thought you might appreciate.  It sounds lovely and seems fairly easy to make.  Marmalade and Whisky Jam.

You see, in Britain, we have a strong tradition of ‘Jam Making’.  It orginates from the time before fridges and freezers were invented in this country, as it was an efficient and practical way to store a glut of autumnal fruit.  It is interesting to learn that jam jars were actually used for drinking Moonshine out of in America, where Four Roses was originally made.  As I am from Britain, I wasn’t aware of that.  The person who posted ‘mmm lovely on toast’ underneath your promotional picture would no doubt have been interested too.  Instead, they were left under the misguided impression that they had entered a competition for jam, as was I, and every other person who entered your competition – because we live in England, not America and we make ‘jam’ in jam jars over here.  

I think that it was very clever of you not to reply to the numerous questions aimed at the @Four_RosesB after the jam jars were posted out, questions not only from me.  I presume that was part of the promotion, we were meant to seek out the true use of the jam jars ourselves, through indepth research on the internet, and by hassling shops selling bourbon.  A fabulous idea, and very original.

I’ll let you in on a secret here, I don’t actually like jam very much, it’s fattening and I much prefer marmite.  I do love bourbon though, and as the aforementioned jam / drinking jar came in a box with a huge picture of a bottle of Bourbon emblazoned on the front of it, you can understand why I was initially so excited.  Thank you very much for the heartfelt apology, and it makes up for the disappointment entirely.  I think it is very sweet that you take such a sympathetic and understanding stance.  I do however hope that you never have your Christmas presents wrapped in a similar fashion by unthinking relatives.  Finding a tangerine in a box labelled ‘Expensive Jewellery’ would be awful wouldn’t it.  I’m sure that will never happen to you though, unless you have the misfortune of being related to one of your couriers.

Many thanks Holly,

Kay :O) 


4 responses to “Fabulous, Friendly, (Frosty?) Customer Service @ Four_RosesB

  1. I love your response to Holly’s email. It made me laugh out loud at my laptop!! Please let us know if you get a response to your email. If you decided to make the whisky jam,maybe you could send them a sample, in the form of an empty bottle and a marmelade jar – they would probably be so happy with that – like they expected the winners to be! What a strange prize they gave away – don’t know how anyone could be pleased with an empty jam jar??

    • I’m very tempted to simply send them jam in a jiffy bag with a sticky complement slip saying, ‘jam jar to follow.’ I’ll definitely update with her response. I’m actually quite nervous. If she has no sense of humour I think I’m doomed to a two word response that sounds quite similar to ‘Duck Fluff!’

  2. Kay, Kay, Kay.
    I opened the comments box to write a witty reposte. But I can barely see the keyboard through the tears of laughter rolling down my face.
    I CANNOT WAIT for her reply to that one. This could go on and on and on…
    ps I’m having a bit of bother with the Alliance & Leicester. Could you knock me up a letter do you think?

    • We’ll see what happens with this one. I suspect Holly ‘will not be amused’ at all. I’ll certainly be pouncing on my emails tomorrow. As for the Alliance & Leicester, ‘fraid you’re on your own there. I don’t think banks respond to emails about jam, but it’s always worth a try I suppose. ‘I’m broke, pls could I repay the loan with jam?’

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