An Open Letter to @Four_RosesB – I want my jam!

An Open Letter to @Four_RosesB – I want my jam!

(As an aside, the blog which most people enjoyed came after this, this is the introduction, follow the link at the bottom for the best bits)

Many moons ago @Four_RosesB ran a promotion on Twitter for their particular brand of bourbon.  They said that they would give the first ten people to retweet their message … this is where it gets complicated…a jam jar.  They included a picture of the jam jar, which showed the jar with something in it, and with a straw.  Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never drunk from a jam jar.  I may be crap at washing up, but I’ve never been driven to that – with that in mind, I presumed they were giving out some kind of bourbon jam.  Although I am still at a loss as to how to drink jam through a straw.

Weeks passed and the prize didn’t arrive, despite my tweets asking them when it would be delivered, other winners tweeted them too. We were told that there was a problem with the couriers.  They even took our phone numbers, to help with delivery arrangements which at first left me worrying that I might actually have won a ton of jam jars if they had to actually sort out when I’d be in to receive my prize.  I was assured that this is standard procedure and it was just the one jar.

So I waited and eventually my long awaited, much anticipated prize arrived.  I didn’t recognise it for what it was at first.  It was a box shaped like a christmas present you’d buy your dad for Christmas after becoming desperate and panic buying in ‘Wines R Us’ (if there is such a place,which there probably isn’t).  Feeling very excited, I ripped off the brown paper wrapping and found a shiny box with a pictureof some expensive alcohol bottle on the front; I carefully opened the top of the box and tipped out what I thoughtwould be a bottle of lovely expensive alcohol of some kind – it was not what I expected.  It was a jam jar.  Not just any jam jar either!  An empty jam jar with the Four_RosesB printed haphazardly on the side!   I was having a particularly rubbish morning as my kids had kept me awake all night, and our cat had thoughtfully thrown up on the carpet, so this particular incident was the icing on the cake.  I could have cried, and thought someone had played a thoughtless joke on me.

Eventually I saw the funny side of it – this was truly the most bizarre prize in the most bizarre packaging I’ve ever had the misfortune / fortune to receive.  Basically, ever since then I’ve sent @Four_RosesB tweets asking them if they are sending the jam separately, asking them if they know where the bottle that was supposed to be in the box went to? Do they think the postman is an alcoholic maybe and could he have snaffled it? I’ve suggested that the jam in the jiffy bag that they sent me has oozed out and stuck itself to some post van somewhere, so it still hasn’t arrived – surely this is the only logical explanation, because no-one in their right mind would send an empty jam jar would they?!  The jam must still be in the post?!
Having received no answer to my tweets for several months now, and no jam, and no alcohol I decided I needed another approach – I trawled the tinterweb and found an email address!  So, today I sent them an email, and am eagerly awaiting a response. If anyother Four_RosesB winners want to contact them to ‘chase jam’ please let me know and I’ll give you the email address I’m using.
Here’s the letter I sent, I’m going to send them a link to this blog too.  I’m sure they are part of a lovely business, which is very professional and highly organised – I just think they should maybe value us lowly tweeters who work so hard to promote so many businesses on here, for sometimes very little gain, or empty jam jars.

Hi,Empty Jam jarThanks for replying!

Four_RosesB ran a promotion where they said something along the lines of ‘the first ten people to RT this message will win this!’ and there was a link to an image of a jam jar with a liquid or some kind of jam in it, with a straw jauntily placed at an angle in it too. Many people RT’d the message and some people commented under the image with phrases such as ‘Mmm, lovely on toast’ – presuming, like everyone else that the prize was some sort of bourbon jam, although how that could be drunk through a straw I don’t know. No comments from Four_RosesB were made under these comments to dissuade readers from thinking that the contents were jam or bourbon or otherwise.

I was lucky enough to RT in time to win, and waited for my prize to arrive. I think it took about 4 weeks for it to be delivered (although that is approximate) after a couple of tweets from myself and others who had won, asking if the prize was on the way. I was sent a message saying they’d had problems with the courier.

Eventually a parcel was delivered. I didn’t initially realise it was from Four_RosesB, all I knew was that I had quite a large package delivered, which is very exciting for me, I don’t get interesting post very often! My daughter and I ripped open the outer packaging to find an expensive looking box with a picture of some costly alcohol on the front, the sort of stuff I’d never dream of buying for myself. I was very excited, as anyone would be, and tipped out what I thought would be the bottle pictured on the box. It was an empty jam jar. There wasn’t even jam in it, never mind anything else. I thought at first that someone had played a cruel joke on me, until I spotted the Four_RosesB logo. I did wonder if the jam was due to arrive separately in a jiffy bag or something, but nothing has arrived as yet! ;O)

The original tweet did not specify jam, but the picture showed an image of a jar with something in it, which is misleading – the promoters did not make that clear to any of the winners. It took a month to arrive, and it was just downright cruel to put the jar in the chosen box. I thought I had won something truly lovely, and it was such a let down. It certainly did nothing to improve your brand’s reputation on Twitter and amongst my friends, although a lot of us did find it very funny in the end. It is hard to believe that anyone would run an empty jam jar promotion. I’m sure you are a very good brand, and that you produce quality goods and are a fantastic business – I just think the person running your Twitter account was maybe a couple of biscuits short of a packet – or should I say a jam jar, short of jam.

I know you may think I’m making a fuss over nothing, but I think that the person who ran this promotion at least owed the winners an apology for the misunderstanding, and especially for the packaging. They never tweeted again after this promotion and we were all left with a very negative impression of your business.

I’m not mad by the way, I’m not going to starve for lack of jam, I just think that quite a few of us are owed an apology. We dutifully RT’d your promotion and raised awareness of your company’s profile on Twitter and were repaid for our time with a booby prize. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever won, and so I do need to thank you for the laughs at least, but surely you can see my point?

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,

cheers (raises empty jam jar as a toast to @Four_RosesB)

Kay :O) @Chaoskay

Just as an aside, I’ve just been told that it is traditional to drink from jam jars in Louisiana or in N Orleans – so that would explain things a little.  If Four_RosesB could have told me that months ago, and if they could have apologised for the disappointment, and the packaging, and the delivery, I’d take it all back.  As it is I’m still balancing precariously on my pedestal and I’m not climbing down just yet. So there! (sticks tongue out and stamps foot) which, incidentally, is not easy to do whilst balancing precariously on a pedestal.

Update! I’ve had a reply from Holly from @Four_RosesB   

Holly says :

‘Morning Kay, I believe you didn’t receive your Four Roses Jam Jar in the summer as part of the competition. Please let me know your address and I will send one out to you asap.’

I’ve resent the original email and will now commence banging my head on a brick wall.

LINK TO NEXT INSTALLMENT HERE! This is the bit where I got very sarcastic in a completely innocent kind of way…..


14 responses to “An Open Letter to @Four_RosesB – I want my jam!

  1. Good for you hun! I may need to borrow you for a complaint of my own! lol!

  2. I always welcome comments, but please could you put your twitter names at least, so I know who you are, thank you! :O)

  3. I’m one too…where do I sign the petition?

  4. misleading comps
    I’d be hopping mad. Bit like I was today with Dibbing UK and their farcical competition to win a PS3. First of all they extended it over the weekend, then they chose the winner as someone who had sent in a twitpic. Could be just me, but I don’t think a twitpic is a tweet – if I’d thought a link was acceptable I could have done them a blogpost essay about why I should win a PS3. In iambic pentameter even. The challenge, surely, is to put across your message in the tweet, not to extend the medium.
    But there you go.
    Even if it is customary to drink out of jamjars in various bits of the US, surely they need something to drink out of them? Does seem to me that the company needs to know what their tweeter is up to.
    ps your comment box is wider than your template. This means I have to scroll backwards and forwards to type. Very confusing.

    • Re: misleading comps
      Sorry about the comment box issue, dunno how to fix that. I bet if you had done an essay in iambic pentamenter you would have won, sounds like a fab comp entry. sorry to hear you were disappointed though. Unfair comps are the bane of a comper’s life. We put so much effort in sometimes fof sweet FA!

  5. I’ve blocked this twitter user so that I won’t get any of their tweets. Thanks for the heads up about this unscrupulous twitter user!

  6. Huh? at Mischiefcherry’s comment. Don’t get that?!
    Anyhow, as a ‘winner’ myself, I too am bereft of jam. And bourbon.
    I admire your perserverance Kay I really do, especially when it elicits such quality responses for Four Roses’ customer service team :0)

  7. I can’t help getting the feeling that you’ll just receive another empty jar 🙂
    I really hope it’s full of jam, though!

    • You may be right, but what the hell! I’ve said my piece, lol! I’ve just tweeted this comment to someone & this is really why I’m getting all stroppy about this – Us ‘compers’ get treated apallingly sometimes. We promote businesses, fall out with each other for the sake of their publicity and sales & win things such as this in return. And it wasn’t just that it was a jam jar, it was wrapped by a courier with a sick sense of humour and for that I’m owed an apology. (sorry I’ll just get my breath back, rant over!)

  8. Jam jars
    I take it you still haven’t reached the ‘delighted’ stage yet? Good on you for standing up to them; they’ve created some rather negative publicity for themselves, let’s see if they’ll put it right. x
    Always on the side of complaining :)@madamejoy41

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