The background here is that I’m a dedicated breastfeeder.  I fed D until she was 2 1/2 and she gave up on her own.  It was only one night feed before bed for months before she finally decided enough was enough.  I am proud of feeding her for so long, I know some people may think that’s odd, but after doing a breastfeeding support course, I was (and am) completely confident in the benefits of long term breastfeeding, ie, added immunity, building bonds, and apart from anything else, it helps with losing weight – which is nice!

I’ve done the same with S, I’ve cut down to just an evening feed now and I’ve recently been considering stopping completely.  Having said that, the incident I’m about to describe has made my mind up.

I went to pick S up from nursery on Tuesday, and as I walked in the door one of the Nursery staff members came over to me as usual, handed me S’s book with all his activities & meals in and said that she just had to tell me about something S had said during the day.  Thinking he’d been wittering on about smashing eggs or Batman or something, I smiled and asked her what he’d gone on about.  

What she said made me want to curl up and die.  Apparently he’d been sat on her knee whilst she’d been reading him a story, maybe the poor lad was bored, but this is no excuse.  He had pointed at her cleavage and then shouted ‘Titties!’  The poor woman was obviously shocked and highly amused, she said that she’d told him that wasn’t an acceptable thing to say really, and did he say that to his mum?  S had replied ‘yes’ very emphatically.

I didn’t want to admit I was still breastfeeding him ocassionally so lied and said I’d given up a while ago, which isn’t like me at all, but I felt very embarrassed.  It’s just such a horrendously cringe-worthy word to come out with to someone other than his mum.  Poor little love doesn’t have a clue about social niceties.  I hurriedly left nursery, and things got even worse from then on.  S had heard me discussing the topic with this staff member and had realised that it was ‘funny’ and therefore worth laughing about.  Consequently he began saying the staff member’s name followed by the word ‘Titties’ and then sniggering – for about 5 minutes after I left nursery.  Desperately I talked to him about his day at nursery and tried to get him to sing nursery rhymes.  Anything other than ‘that’ word! 

Last week I tried to explain to him about the milk in the fridge coming from cows too.  He pointed questioningly at me, and I must have said something like ‘mummy milk not moo milk’ – a big mistake.  This was far too catchy a phrase not to catch on….except that he misheard me.  S keeps pointing at my chest and saying ‘Mummy moo milk’ now.  I think he thinks I am half cow.

So, I am going to have to stop breastfeeding my boy, because that’s what he is now – a boy not a baby.  The time has come to move on!  I feel sad at the loss of my baby, but happy, knowing I have a little boy to raise now.  Breastfeeding is something left over from his babyhood, it’s not appropriate for his age (in my humble opinion of course) and I’ll just have a fit if he starts talking to strangers about ‘Titties!’ again.

5 responses to “Shush!

  1. Thanks Kay, this made me laugh out loud! Kids say the most inappropriate things sometimes.
    Well done you for carrying on for so long with it. I fed DD til she was 1, I stopped on her 1st birthday. By that point she had already got bored of it, and if I’m honest I was doing it for me because I loved the cuddles!
    Hope you are not too sad when you stop. x

    • I shall definitely miss the cuddles. Feel a bit wistful, but I cannot carry on with this now. He’s far too old I reckon and I don’t want him talking about titties and the like. It’s soooo embarrassing!

  2. Shush
    I doubt that is the worst word they have heard at the nursery repeated to max shock effect!

    • Re: Shush
      You’re probably right, but I just wanted to hide under the table when she told me he’d said that to her. Just as long as he’s not saying stuff like that to girls when he’s 18 and trying to get a girlfriend!

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