Lino Omelette & a Cup of Wee

 Just a quick blog entry.  Had to share!  Need help!  S had a lie in this morning, because he was downstairs smashing eggs (12 of) and pouring milk on the floor & on the stairs.  He can climb over his safety gate you see.  Instead of coming upstairs to wake us up, he decided he’d rather go downstairs and make breakfast this morning.  Normally I hear him get up, and then get up with him; but this morning he must have been in stealth mode.  I never heard a thing.  The first thing I knew about this lot was when he arrived up in our room, half dressed, bearing a pot of jam and my sticky iPhone (hence why the photos are blurred I suspect) – he then jabbered on about milk going whoosh.  With fear and trepidation I came downstairs.

This is the result.  An egg-skating rink.  Putting off tidying up, I decided to share my woes with my friends on twitter.  I was bitter at the mess and upset that I couldn’t even have a cup of tea – S must have realised that this was bothering me and tried to help in his own special way.  Whilst on my Mac, I heard D laughing hysterically, and then S ambled in bearing one of my lovely green denby mugs, with something in it.  Turns out it was a cup of wee.  He’s bored of using his potty & the loo and is now ‘free-styling.’  

Gimme strength!  (tears hair out)   Unsure as to what to do about S getting up and going on rampages first thing in the morning.  He can climb over safety gates and I really don’t want to have to lock him in his room overnight.  It’s not safe to leave his door open, and it’s not safe either to lock him in, just in case there’s a fire or something.  You know the fences they use at Glastonbury……does anyone know if they make safety gates that size too, and if so, where can I get one?

Anyway, here’s a pic of the devastation.  A lino omelette and a cup of wee (the cup has been emptied by the way).  A bizarre breakfast I could have done without!
cup of wee&milkeggs


3 responses to “Lino Omelette & a Cup of Wee

  1. He’s bored of using his potty & the loo and is now ‘free-styling.’
    Classic line :0)

    • Since then he’s tried weeing in a wicker basket, his toy box, other cups and the carry thing on the back of his trike. He is horrendous for it at the moment! Sooner he’s trained the better!

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