A New Addition to the Family – Cindy the Bag!

A New Addition to the Family!  – Cindy the Bag! 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous bag from MissyC_online.   I’ve since checked on their website and have found out that this bag is not just any old bag, it’s called ‘Cindy’ apparently.  Please say hello to Cindy!  My new pet bag.  She goes everywhere with me now and is obviously from a very good pedigree.

Cindy The BagCindy is very strokeable indeed!  Friends I have introduced her to, have all patted her and commented on how soft she feels. When I saw the picture MissyC_online had on her twit pic I thought she might feature a metallic effect, which is commonly a bit rough to the touch and can look, well…tacky; but Cindy actually has a velvety pelt, and more of a subtly reflective, moonlit snakeskin effect.  My pet bag is classy!

I decided to feed Cindy, and was pleased to find she has a taste for lots of stuff.  I can easily fit in my folded up kid’s Muddy Puddle anoraks (previously reviewed chaoskay1.livejournal.com/5844.html) and my Halo wipes (also previously reviewed chaoskay1.livejournal.com/6407.html) plus my purse, a couple of toy cars, a Postman Pat book and most importantly my phone.  Cindy seems to have a boundless appetite, she has the grand total of two main pockets, one side zip pocket ideal for a purse, a middle zip up pocket and two other side pockets that are perfect for things you want to have quick access to, namely a phone and the aforementioned toy cars.

Size is definitely a plus point here, Cindy is 22 inches wide, and is even bigger if you unpop (I have invented a new word) the poppers at the side.  There’s another handy popper which keeps Cindy closed, although personally I’d prefer a zip for security reasons – but you just have to love your pets faults an’ all don’t you!  Another little thing is that I’ve noticed that one of the dangling decorative chains doesn’t have anything on it, the other features a black and a silver disk.    I haven’t quite worked out if Cindy is actually missing something or not, has something fallen off?    

Feeding CindyIt seems almost rude to speak of such things, but Cindy’s bottom is fabulous too.  The leather effect  is smooth to the touch, yet not plasticky. I should imagine that she’ll be easy to clean, if she gets dusty on her walks I’ll be able to use a wet wipe and she’ll be sorted.  (Maybe I’m taking the pet metaphor a bit too far here, lol!)  

I love Cindy’s silver effect shoulder chain too, interleaved with black and draped over my shoulder – it is comfortable and the chain feels surprisingly heavy and solid, which is great considering the amount of stuff I will be loading Cindy with.  

That’s the great thing about Cindy, she looks smart and stylish no matter what the ocassion.  Black is such an adaptable colour, and is easy to match with any outfit.  This isn’t an overly showy bag that grabs your attention and rags it about, it is a thing of beauty that complements and accessorises perfectly.  The price tag is £22.50, which is an absolute bargain.  A small price to pay for a bag that will keep you company for years.

I have to say, It is lovely to have Cindy as a new addition to the family!  I may even start signing my birthday cards, from ‘Kay, OH, D, S, Cindy & Kitty.’  

You can view MissyC_Online’s range of stylish bags at www.missyc.co.uk/  Why not get your own pet bag!!

(Just to apologise again for the dodgy formatting – I couldn’t get the spacing or the photos lined up.  Llivejournal has been temper tantrumming all morning)


6 responses to “A New Addition to the Family – Cindy the Bag!

  1. great review
    love the way you’ve done it. Welcome to the family Cindy 🙂

    • Re: great review
      Thank you! I’m just disappointed at how spectacularly dodgy the overall formatting is. Preview was fine, but every time I post it, there’s sentences & photos all over the place! Ah well, thanks, I’ll pat Cindy for you! :O)

  2. Aw!
    Cindy is gorgeous! Hope she’s settling in okay!

    • Re: Aw!
      She sleeps with the coats in the hallway and seems settled enough, I need to take her out for a walk to day i think. :O) (thanks for dropping by, comments are always appreciated)

  3. Cindy
    She’s a little beauty. Glad she’s found a good home with an adoring owner 🙂

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