Muddy Puddles – Tested and Reviewed by Yours Truly

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Muddy Puddles Review!

Following our day out, I set myself the task of properly reviewing their kit.  If you’re thinking of investing in wet weather gear or snazzy sunglasses, you might like to read this.  I know that as a mum, I often don’t know whether it’s worth investing in purchases from internet stores, as you can’t actually see and feel the products in the real world.  I’ve been taken in by inaccurate photos on Ebay a few times, and once bitten twice shy!  (My daughter ended up with a pair of trousers that looked gorgeous in the ebay photo, and on delivery they turned out to be a lurid mix of orange and yellow awfulness)

On the other hand, you have a business such as Muddy Puddles.  A year ago I bought some waterproof trousers for D and an all in one waterproof jumpsuit for S – these are still in great condition and have kept my kids warm and dry on many a damp day.  The PuddlePac Jackets, the Sport Sunglasses and the New Adventurer sunglasses seem to be of similar excellent quality.  I’ve had great customer service from them, prompt delivery and I’m more than happy to recommend them as one of my favourite internet shops.  Go and have a nosey!  I’ll post a link at the bottom of the page :O)

Once again, This blog post and the reviews are featured as a guest blog on TPToys & Muddy Puddle’s blog which can be found here:  Well worth a read!

2 x PuddlePac Jackets, a Pink in Size 5-6 and Navy size 2-3

These jackets have been so useful recently! The weather just hasn’t known what to do with itself, we’ve had a mixture of scorching sunshine and soggy, rainy weather – often all on the same day. If I go anywhere now I make sure I have these jackets rolled up in the bottom of my bag, just in case the weather changes. They are lightweight, compact and perfect for summer showers. The double layers mean that they retain a bit of heat too if the wind gets nippy.

The flowery pink PuddlePac is also very pretty, which my daughter appreciates! She loves wearing hers, and it makes for a bright flowery contrast to a dull wet day. S looks swish in his jacket too, the dark blue is great for his age (2-3yrs), as he does tend to spend quite a bit of time falling over, jumping in puddles and generally getting really mucky. The stripy lining adds a bit of interest to the plain navy blue colour too.

Pockets are always useful, and these jackets have quite a novel design feature. They have one single, zipped pocket at the back, something I’ve never seen before – which is great if you’re outside trekking around. There are two normal pockets at the front too so kids can store random pebbles and their pocket money in them. I often put tissues in S’s pockets, but he invariably digs them out and chucks them on the floor. There’s no way he can reach them if they’re stashed on the back of a jacket so it’s a very helpful design. My only complaint is that if you put anything more than a tissue in there you have to empty the pocket before you squish your kids in a car seat.  (pls see following paragraph!)

(At this point I have to point out that the aforementioned pocket is simply a pouch to fold the coat into, and that I was severely misguided in my car seat criticism – I only found this out after I’d submitted this review.  It is not a pocket designed to hold stuff you don’t want the kids to reach – although it would be amusing to tell them you’ve put sweets in there and refuse to let them take their coats off.  I am a mean mummy!

The outside is made of 100% nylon, the inner is 100% polyurethane; and the label on the inside claims that the jackets are 100% waterproof too. My kids have been out in the pouring rain, and have stayed dry, so this does seem to be the case! The material can be washed at 40 degrees so that’s convenient enough, the ‘use only with pure soap flake’ will probably be ignored as it’s not something I’ve ever, or am likely to ever, buy – but I suspect they will wash fine.

I have had other macs in the past that looked nice, but failed on what I consider one of the most important points – they had hoods that fell down all the time. If the rain combined with any kind of wind, they just didn’t keep the kids dry. Useless! These jackets have hoods that actually stay up, they’re gathered slightly at the top and fit snugly, without being too tight – another practical design I’ve noticed.

D MacThe label on the inside of the coat with ‘Name,’ ‘Class’ and ‘Tel’ is a really nice touch as well. I hate having to sew labels into everything, and this just makes life that little bit easier. The handy hook for pegs is useful too. So many coats get misshapen when they’re hung badly.

I’d definitely recommend these PuddlePac Jackets to other parents. In fact other mums have even commented on how nice and practical these jackets look. Ours will be getting a lot of use this year I suspect! These are the perfect clothing partner to the typical changeable British Summer.

1x Sporty Sunglasses in Pink and white (suitable for ages 4-8)

My daughter wore her ‘Sporty Sunglasses in Pink and White’ with pride too. Like most little girls she loves pink, and the white adds a bit of colour contrast and style. When I asked her what she thought of them, she said they were ‘cool!’ and that was about it. Having examined them myself, I’m impressed with their design. I’m no expert on sunglasses, but even I can tell that they’re light, which makes them comfortable on her nose – the arms of the glasses have a bit of give in them so they stretch to fit different sized heads (I couldn’t resist trying them on and they fit me fine too!); and the bits that rest behind the ears are cleverly and comfortably paddle shaped to hold the glasses in place. The only thing is I now think I shall have to invest in snow boarding lessons for her, to complete her new sporty image.

1x New Adventurer sunglasses – Blue spot age 2-5.

S’s sunglasses were fabulous too, I absolutely loved the blue spotty design. Very cheerful looking! I’ve never even considered sunglasses for him before – I just assumed that they’d simply fall off and that he’d immediately lose them. These are a brilliant design for kids of his age, he paraded around in them for a bit, got bored of them and simply pushed them off his nose. Any normal sun glasses would have been dropped on the floor, trampled and probably lost. These have a comfy Velcro strap that means they just end up being worn like a spotty sunglasses neckerchief. They didn’t appear to annoy him, as they are light and I didn’t see him at any point trying to actually take them off – although he did want to wear them like a headband for a while.

About the only thing that worried me, was that the Velcro is quite strong, and I’m always wary of anything that hangs around children’s necks. I wouldn’t leave S wearing a pair of these unattended, but maybe that’s just me. I suspect any sensible parent wouldn’t leave a 2 year old unattended anyway, so this may be an invalid point.

Both of the above sunglasses are shatterproof, which is essential for overall safety, and they help protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, another safety issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

S SunglassesThe sunglasses that S wore come in a 0 – 2 age range which did shock me slightly. It says on the Muddy Puddles page that they are designed specifically for ‘babies’ and children. Surely it’s just safer to keep a baby out of the sun, or at least covered up? Personally I wouldn’t like to try and keep a pair of sunglasses on a baby, no matter how comfortable.

Just a quick aside, my kids have both worn Muddy Puddle clothes in the past too, so we are old customers, as well as new reviewers. We went on a disasterous camping holiday to Scotland last year, and they were both kitted out with appropriate wet weather gear. D has a pair of pink waterproof trousers, and S has an all in one blue, waterproof jump suit. The weather could only be described as appaling and their Muddy Puddle outfits kept them dry and snug as bugs – unlike their parents who looked like drowned rats for the majority of the week.

This is my one complaint. Muddy Puddles, please make more of your stuff for grown ups! I’d buy an adult sized PuddlePac jacket in an instant! (and one of those cute ladybird outfits for random fancy dress parties too, lol!)

You really do have some fantastic, practical, stylish stuff and my family and I have been more than happy for my kids to wear and review your PuddlePacs and Sunglasses. Thank you!

If you’d like to have a look at these products on their home page, here’s the link!

Muddy Puddles logo
Once again, I’m very sorry for the randomly placed logos, text and photos.  I will get the hang of this in the end I promise!

2 responses to “Muddy Puddles – Tested and Reviewed by Yours Truly

  1. lindsey winter

    hi my son max goes to the sure start centre in whipton exeter devon , they have 4 of your all in one water proof suits ,i put my son in one to do water play and general play and when icame to take it off i expected him to be bone dry not absolutely soaked through and cold cause of this i ws lookin in to gettin one but because of this have been put of i think it best u know then by word of mouth people sayin and not buyin , look forward to reply of what u have to say

    lindsey winter

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