An Unusual Fairytale

Good morning! For anyone who reads this, who isn’t a comper – by way of explanation. There are many wierd and wonderful competitions out there, and the hardest and most challenging type is a voting / referral competition. Namely where you have to refer as many people as you can to a site, in order to win a prize. Ella Bean are running a competition such as this – personally I have had excellent customer service and have bought a lovely top for my daughter from them, so have no qualms about nudging customers their way at all.

I have tried very hard to win this particular competition and have now reached the point where I’m desperate. Sooooo I’ve written a fairytale! Please read on, this will all make sense in the end…….

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom (well, on the internet, I’m exaggerating for effect)….Kay decided to do a referral competition for Ella Bean Clothing.

Kay worked hard to win, she spent many hours trying to gain referrals often working long into the night – accompanied only by her friendly ginger puss cat and one small candle to light the darkness. *exaggerating again, but you get the picture*

Many knights in shining armour helped with the arduous task, and Kay was eternally grateful and pledged her alliegance to the comping round table from thenceforth.

…(pause for dramatic effect)….. But still, the task was too hard. The road was too long and too hard to travel….the referrals were not enough to reach the gorgeous designer clothing holy grail!!! (Kay sobs enthusiastically)

Are there any other knights in shining armour out there who could help me on my quest for referrals? White horse horse desirable, but not essential. A facebook account, on the other hand, is.

Help save a damsel in distress! If you know anyone who is gallant enough to help me out – please could you ask them to go to the Ella Bean Clothing page, and post here, saying ‘Kay Wilkinson sent me.’

I will be very, very grateful and promise to help kill dragons in return if necessary.

This is a link to the Holy Grail / referral page:


2 responses to “An Unusual Fairytale

  1. Got a couple of friends to like and comment, good luck!

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