The Toothfairy Only Visits at Weekends (and Summat about Splenda)

Today I’m going to simply ramble on about my day a little, and quickly mention the shed loads of Splenda the nice people from the BzzAgents team sent me.  Splenda is actually a very good product and it’s worth trying, so the last part of today’s blog is about a sweetener.  Hope you don’t mind!

In brief, this Thursday has been very like most Thursdays I’ve experienced throughout this year.  Nothing amazing has happened, but there’s beauty in the detail I suppose!  I got the kids up and dressed, D got to school on time which was a minor miracle considering her younger brother has abandoned his pushchair and now walks / ambles along with us now; and the sun shone through the clouds every now and then, which was nice.  S walks in fits and starts and is distracted by the tiniest of things, so I combine watching the clock with tons of cajoling and ocassional carrying, which is doing my back in somewhat.  

The route to school takes us past a couple of cherry trees, which looked ever so pretty earlier in the year.  The trees dropped a load of blossom, and both D and S used to pick up handfulls of them and turn up at school looking like bridesmaids waving huge, fluffy bunches of flowers.  The blossom has now disappeared and has been replaced with cherries, which may or may not be edible.  I suspect the latter and not wanting to poison my children, I’ve banned them from putting them in their mouths, much to S’s dismay.  I’ve convinced them not to by telling them that they are ‘Bird Cherries’, ie the cherries are for the birds only.  S has misunderstood me, and now carefully picks up the cherries, holds them aloft and shouts ‘Birdies!’ at the top of his voice at pigeons or seagulls in the far distance.  I think he thinks that if he does this they’ll fly down to his outstretched cherries and gobble the lot.  Unfortunately for him, they ignore the cherries and carry on with their birdie business elsewhere.  This gathering of Bird Cherries has become an all consuming activity for S on the way to school which has delayed us no end recently, and the poor love is devastated if he drops them down a grate.  It makes the walk to school more interesting at least.  

D is very happy to have a companion to run around with and takes great delight in bossing him around.  S responds quite badly to D grabbing his coat and telling him what to do and has taken to swiping at her and ranting in irate two year old gibberish.  They do run around together quite happily most of the time though, S copying his sister’s silly walks (Monty Phythonesque) and trying his level best to keep up with her.  I always feel so proud of them when I see them trotting along together on the green beside the road, D in her uniform, looking so grown up these days, and S determinedly running after her on his little legs.  

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon with another mum and her little girl, chatting and drinking coffee.  It was warm outside so we took the two kids out to see the frogs in my neighbours pond.  S was fascinated with them as he always is, but the little girl didn’t seem quite so enthralled.  The frogs sat beside the pond, covered in tiny bright green pond weed leaves staring back at us, eventually plopping into the water with little splashes when they were pointed out.  Gorgeous little things.  S wanted to impress his new girlfriend and found a dead Daddy Long Legs (Crane fly?) and tried to hand that to her as she didn’t seem to impressed with the frogs – she was doubly unimpressed with his gift and clung to her mum’s legs.  I think S has got a lot to learn about first dates.

We walked back to pick D up from school, and by the time we were half way there S’s new friend had a handful of cherries, and was shouting ‘Birdies!’ too.  I think that’s a good sign.  By two year old standards, I think you could call that finding a best mate. 

Tea was cooked and wolfed down, which was a nice change and both kids were bathed and put to bed.  Not without a minor trauma though!  D’s tooth fell out the other day and I very sensibly put it in an envelope marked ‘D’s 2nd tooth!’ ready for the tooth fairy, and then put the envelope in a ‘safe place.’  Big mistake.  The ‘Safe Place’ is now unknown, I am a dizzy bint and have no idea where I put it.   Daisy wanted to put the envelope under her pillow and I had to make something up about the tooth fairy only coming at weekends in a vain attempt to fob her off, leaving me more time tomorrow to scour the house for the missing envelope.  My poor little love cried before going to sleep and I felt / feel like a terrible mum.  Oh to be organised!  I’ll turn the house over tomorrow. If I can’t find it I may have to come up with an identical sealed envelope, with a bead in it or something.  Honesty is the best policy?  Not when missing teeth in envelopes and the tooth fairy is concerned….

And now for the Splenda bit!

Recently the nice people from the BzzAgents team sent me a whole pile of Splenda to ‘Buzz’ about – ie use, tell people about and generally to try to increase awareness of the product – so here goes!  Splendid Splenda!

Splenda comes in two different forms, granulated like sugar or in little sucralose based tablets that can be used as a tabletop sweetener for hot drinks.  The granulated form is advertised on the packaging as being ideal for use ‘in drinks, over fruit or cereal and in cooking and baking.’   The calorie content is just 2 calories per granulated spoonful, as opposed to 20 calories in a teaspoon of sugar.  Brilliant if you’re diabetic, or if you’re simply working on your diet for your summer holidays or to because you want to fit into those jeans that have sat in your cupboard taunting you for the last year or so.  The Splenda Mini’s (tablet form sweetener) are completely calorie free, which is fabulous if, like me, you can’t bear a cup of coffee without something sweet in it. 

I can definitely vouch for the Splenda Mini’s as being a great replacement for sugar in tea and coffee.  You really can’t taste the difference, and they are very convenient for carrying around in your pocket.  I’ve not tried a huge amount of baking with the granulated Splenda, but I have made bread with it and once again it seems to do exactly what it says on the packet – I couldn’t taste the difference between my usual recipe and the recipe I made with Splenda.

It’s very convenient that it comes in the same form as sugar as well, because you can use the same amount.  There’s no complicated working out how much to use, it’s just an equivalent amount.  Nice and easy!

My mum and my grandma are diabetic, so I’ve passed on some samples for them to use, and they’ve said similar things.  The tablets are convenient, and the granulated Splenda is just like using ordinary sugar, but it’s less calories and therefore guilt free and simply healthier.  

Why not try it, you might like it! 


2 responses to “The Toothfairy Only Visits at Weekends (and Summat about Splenda)

  1. Rubbish Tooth Fairies
    Have been known to be VERY late in our house. We even wrote a letter of complaint and had a lovely apology. Although my boys are pretty much beyond this know this episode is still frequently referred to

    • Re: Rubbish Tooth Fairies
      Our tooth fairy is definitely not on the ball. (One day D will realise just how bad I felt about that particular episode, lol!) The easter bunny is far more efficient ;O)

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