Hunter Wellies and Their Unfortunate Toll on Family Time.

When I started this blog, I said I’d try and do some reviews.  I got my first opportunity yesterday when I spotted a blogging competition run by, they were asking for people to submit a blog on the subject of Hunters Wellies.  Here is the review and a description of the ‘blogging process’, or should I say ‘panicked corner cutting’ to allow time to type.

This blogging competition appeared on my Facebook feed at about 2.55pm, five minutes before I was due to dash out the door on the school run.  I was gutted to say the least, knowing that I’d have no chance to write anything of any substance once the kids had got home, and that my home-made leek and potato soup would take some time to cook – leaving my blogging / winning stuff opportunity wasted.

I am embarassed to admit that I went to the local shop after picking my daughter up from school, and bought…….to my absolute shame, chicken dippers.  Small, pre-formed, fat coated, junk food.  Jamie Oliver would not approve in a million years. The thing is, these things can be bunged on an oven try and cooked very quickly and without any effort at all.  I got home, threw them in the oven, threw some rice in a pan of boiling water and threw the kids in front of CBeebies.  My token veg was a chopped pepper which was also chucked in with the rice at the last minute.   My warming, healthy soup was definitely off the menu in my attempt at saving time to blog.

I sat with my back to my kids typing like a crazy woman, ocassionally stopping to shout ‘Stop trying to ride the cat’, ‘Eat your dinner, what do you mean it tastes funny?’, ‘NO!’ and other helpful, supportive motherly comments.  I felt bad, but the lure of a competition was too much for me and I wanted to try and win.  I kept telling myself that my kids might be eating an incredibly un-nutritious meal, but that I could make it up to them the next day, and that I’d buy them a pair of wellies to make up for them being forced to eat junk food and for being ignored.  I barely spoke to them until I’d clicked the send button on my email and had submitted my blog to and had crossed my fingers and toes for a win.

My poor children, yesterday their mad mum sacrificed their quality time and their nutrition for a competition. (Ooh, that rhymes!).  So, anyway, my first review!  I shall never be able to read it without feeling a niggle of guilt.  You may be wondering if I won?  No. (collapses in a heap and sobs).  Mind you, they are lovely wellies, and deserve a mention. :O)

((P.S  My kids had a proper dinner this evening and haven’t been emotionally traumatized as far as I can see.))

Trendy Wellies!  Now there’s a fashion I can relate to!  I live at the top of a hill in wet, windy lancashire, and even though high heels may be popular – personally they’re not practical, my feet get wet, they get caught in grates, make my feet hurt and I fall over all the time.  It was such a relief when I found out that fashion has now extended to my personal favourite, ‘welly-bobs.’

Hunter Wellies in particular, are gorgeous.   I say this with all honesty….they are quite fabulous with their amazing colours, sheens and patterns.  If you want style and dry feet, these are the ones for you!

You can stomp in comfort on a cushioned footbed, you have a calendered footbed (not sure what calendered footbed is, but it sounds good to me!), and they are beautifully shaped.  What’s not to like!

I remember the days (I’m starting to sound like my gran) when wellies were all green or black, flopped around your calves and were boring as hell.  These are different, very different!

Hunter Wellies can quite literally be worn to any occasion.  My mum went to a wedding recently which was an outside marquee affair.  She spent ages choosing an outfit, complete with hat and feather; and then spent equally long choosing a matching pair of wellies, in case it got muddy.  Hunter Wellies are perfect for this sort of ocassion, you have a huge choice.

I have no idea what the bride wore or how she kept her dress from dragging on the ground, but I have to say, after browsing that these floral, white wellies would have looked perfect  I never thought I’d see the day when I’d recommend a pair of wellies for a wedding!

If you browse their range, I’ll be amazed if you don’t find at least one pair that make you go ‘Wow!  I want them!’.  They have character, for example , classic styles  and attitude and that’s just a small selection.

If you’re idly browsing Google, hunt out Hunters Wellies – they’re a real catch.

(Apologies for the lack of photos, I haven’t worked out how to add them to my blog yet – but if you click on the links they should take you straight to the site)


One response to “Hunter Wellies and Their Unfortunate Toll on Family Time.

  1. You sound scarily like me, I frequently find it hard to keep the laptop lid down after the school run… and I always feel guilty for working when the kids are around. I feel like a failed parent most of the time in fact. I’m surprised my children don’t hate me! I must try harder I keep telling myself, but every day I still feel like the kids had to share me with the pc! I think I need some self control, structure and discipline to keep me away from it when the kids are around!

    Like you, most of what I do on the pc turns out to be fruitless too! I should just wait til they’ve gone to bed to get down to business!

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