Scary Monkeys and Sweltering Sunshine.

 Another weekend passes in the blink of an eye, I wish they wouldn’t disappear so quickly.

Saturday morning mostly consisted of CBeebies, and me sitting in a corner nursing a headache –  S woke up at about 7am and considering I was already awake, dehydrated and unable to sleep anymore I got up.  D happily slumped on the sofa, ocassionally fending off attacks from her younger brother who does not have the same TV fascination and wanted entertaining.  If she ignores him too long he starts blowing huge raspberries on her arm, and dumps piles of teddies on her.  D puts up with a lot and is very patient, although she has her moments.  We take D to judo, and she has started practicing on her brother.  Recently I’ve found her triumphantly pinning S to the floor, while he flailed around yelling – she said it was the only way she could think of to stop him chucking his drink at her.

It got to 11am and I felt Tom had slept long enough, so I sent S upstairs to wake him up gently (ahem!).  S’s waking up method is to shout ‘Da-da!  Da-da!’ and climb all over the bed, usually elbowing or jumping on whoever is being woken up.  Not quite as nice as being woken with a cup of coffee, but it works a damn sight quicker.  

D had a birthday party to get to for 1.30pm, so we lazily got ourselves dressed, fed, showered and I got myself unhungover, if there is such a word. The first mission was to gat a birthday present for D’s friend, as usual I’d not been organised enough to remember to get one.  D’s friend is a boy who apparently likes ‘War Things’, but I’ve spoken to his mum before who says she doesn’t like guns etc so I endeavored to find something more suitable from the pound shop we ended up in.  We asked D to choose a couple of things that would do.  First choice was a water pistol, which from personal experience, I didn’t think his mum would appreciate.  I’ve been used for water pistol target practice far too much these past few weeks, and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Many, many battles have been fought because of the two water pistols my two were given – usually ending up with me shouting ‘Outside!’ and ‘Gerroff the tap!’.  I know it might sound like I’m being a spoilsport, but it’s a case of not drowning indoors.  I can’t defend all the taps all of the time.

Anyway, I digress.  The next choice was a plastic sword, which had a surprisingly rough edge that  could actually scratch someone quite badly, so Daisy then selected a plastic crossbow…..and then a toy catapult…..and then plastic soldiers.  Are all boys toys to do with hitting or shooting something?!  Tom said that he understood where I was coming from, but maybe I was taking the gun / shooting issue too far; so he suggested a plastic bow and arrow, which of course was far more suitable, not.  By this point I was despairing, and grudgingly agreed with D and Tom’s suggestions.  We walked out with a bow and arrow, water pistol, toy soldiers and something that looked suspiciously like a polystyrene warplane.  I’m a bit of a stickler for not encouraging aggressive games, or toy guns or anything along those lines, and I have to say this rankled with more more than a little.  Apart from anything else, D’s friend is a little tike and I suspect he may terrorize the neighbourhood with his newly acquired plastic artillery.   Talk about gender stereotyping!  

We didn’t look at the section aimed at girls, but it would no doubt be full of My Little Ponies, craft packs, dolls, and pretend make-up.  Ooh, it does make me mad!  We went to the dentist the other day, and as we were leaving the receptionist said my kids could choose a sticker each for being so good – which was lovely.  She had two piles of stickers in separate boxes, one for boys and one for girls.  My kids are 5 and 2, they just like what they like!  I couldn’t help saying that they could pick whichever sticker they wanted from whichever pile with a sweet smile aimed at the receptionist.  I’m such a stroppy moo.

D had a great time at the party, and we were relieved to find out that she hadn’t been afraid of the guest star, Monty the Monkey.  The place is called Likkle Monkeys, and Monty is one of the attractions.  The last time D went she didn’t appear on the group photograph at the end as she was cowering at the back of the room, suffering from Man-In-A-Monkey-Suit-Phobia.  This time, she’d been braver and we were very proud!

Likkle Monkeys link, highly recommended!  Lovely friendly staff :O)

The rest of the day was uneventful, and mostly consisted of the kids playing in the garden.  The evening was similarly uneventful, but with the addition of a couple of glasses of red wine, the IT Crowd and the Big Bang Theory – it was nice enough.

Yesterday the sun shone, the park beckoned, we longed for a lazy day!  Problem being, we had no kitchen lino which has needed sorting for weeks now, D had broken her bed from jumping on it like a nutter, and S keeps catapulting himself out of his cot like an olympic hurdler (or whatever that sport is where they chuck themselves over goalpost things with a big stick).  So…..we had a doing stuff day.  We ended up in Rawtenstall where we found a place that sold discount beds.  S now has a bed which combines drawers, a desk, shelves and a little ladder.  It’s not that much higher than his cot which he already lobs himself out of, and we’re going to put some padding on the floor so he’ll bounce safely if he falls out – which he shouldn’t do as it has rails around the edges.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t decide this is a fun way to get out of the bed and fall out on purpose.  The bed will arrive later this week, so we’ll see how that one pans out!

Tom fixed D’s bed, and terrified S.  S is definitely not a fan of loud drilling.  He was upstairs ‘helping’ his dad, but when the loud drilling started I heard a really loud yell and found S trying to get down the stairs as fast as he could, crying his eyes out and saying ‘Loud!’ over and over again. A quick cuddle fixed things, and he quickly resumed ambling around the house and tormenting his big sister.

This weekend has been an absolute scorcher, 23 degrees in the house and undoubtably higher outside.  On weekends such as these, it’s hard to see why the phrase ‘It’s Grim Up North’ could ever apply.  Blazing sunshine, flowers in the hedgerows, blue skies, cotton wool clouds, baby birds fledging in the guttering, everything is blooming, and blooming gorgeous if you ask me.  I love this time of year.

I have even, and brace yourselves for this…….been wearing 3/4 shorts!!!  A minor miracle!  I shaved my legs and everyfink!  I’ve noticed a lot of women wandering around in maxi-dresses too this weekend , they are apparently very in vogue this year.  I say that with a mischievous smirk, I never thought I’d ever actually use the phrase ‘in vogue’ in this blog.  To be truthful though;  it is a fashion choice I think might be really easy to wear and they do look ever so pretty and femenine.  They’ll save you a fortune in suncream too.  :O)

I’ll add the link once it’s online.


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