Random Ramblings and Wild T’internet Goose Chases

Twitter quote of the day from moi – ‘S woke me up at 5.45am, threw everything he could pick up out of his room, screamed ‘I am a poo’ for about an hour, and the cat was sick.  Postman then delivered an empty jam jar in a posh booze box.’ (bizarre competition win)

Apparently this was funny, and when you read it like that, I suppose it was.  My life is a constant stream of random events that drive me crazy, are mundane, melodramatic and, I suppose, worth recording for posterity.  I’ll be able to look back and laugh, or cry, depending on how upbeat I feel at the time.

So, I am going to blog.  Whether it will be of interest to anyone is yet to be seen.  The basics are, I’m mum to two children, a boy of 2 years old (S), and a girl who is 5 years old going on 15 (D).  I am happily married, we own a cat, and live in a house constantly teetering on the edge of bedlam.  I left work to stay at home and raise my children.

I love to write, I love playing with words, I love recording little things that make life worth living, and little things that tug at my heart, and I love life…mostly, apart from when I’m woken at stupid o’clock by toddlers, and when I win peculiar things that are no use to me.  Well, even that brightened my day.  It meant I had some very amusing conversation to distract me from the washing up this morning.

Publishing my life on the tinternet is going to be an exercise in making something out of my life.  One thing I can do is write, even if I have many other things I can’t do – ie, find a job, learn to drive, be even remotely organised.

In my attempts to justify my existence whilst being a stay at home mum, I’ve experimented with growing my own fruit and veg, entering competitions to contribute to my family’s Christmas present fund (see above), home cooking (often a dangerous sport my husband and kids are forced to take part in), and various t’internet wild goose chases where I think I’ve found a way to make money and eventually realise are dead ends.  It’s all an adventure and a learning experience. Throughout this period I’ve tried my level best to raise my children in a happy home, which I like to think I’ve succeeded at so far.

I have an awful suspicion this is going to sound like a lonely hearts ad, but here goes:  I am 35, GSOH (if you are on my wavelength, if you’re not, you’ll just think I’m odd I suppose), quirky and proud of it, desperately dizzy, wear my heart on my sleeve, love nature and care deeply for the close friends I have – my priority is my family.

As part of my stay-at-home life, and as part of my attempts to ‘do something’, I’ve joined Twitter.  It has been an absolute pleasure to become part of the online community, and it has also been an eye opener.  There are a lot of opportunities to be had, as long as I grab them with both hands and run with them – lots of companies seem to want products reviewing, want to publicise events, places etc and I think / hope I can take advantage of this.

In this blog I want to talk about anything and everything, possibly placing links to things I am interested in, or links to things I think other people might be interested in.  I love books, although I struggle to find time to read – this blog would be an excellent excuse to make time to read and then post reviews.  As a mum to two active young children I’m on a constant quest to occupy the kids, so I suppose I could review places to go or even go so far as to review toys. 

Fashion is a constant puzzle to me, having lived in jeans and sensible shoes for many years now – but….occasionally I do wonder if I’m gong to end up looking like my mother and therefore panic buy slinky dresses, heels or make-up, so there may very well be excursions into clothes / cosmetics shopping.

All in all, I want to make use of my keyboard.  I’m only starting out, so this is just the genesis of a blog.  Happy to be here :O)


One response to “Random Ramblings and Wild T’internet Goose Chases

  1. Ha ha ha
    That first paragraph made me laugh out loud. You funny Kay!

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